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    Sam Dingley

    indeed. It drives me insane!

  • Dear Sam and all of the community,


    I have chased this idea with our local office so many times. 

    It's super necessary because it would increase the total quality of service for everyone.

    We would be close to a straight 10 review score if our horrible experiences with certain people wouldn't have happened.

    After receiving 8 reviews of 10, there is a guy that comes and gives a 2.5 full of lies. He also threatened us when he was checking out (however he was pleased with everything up until it came to the point where he had to check-out and pay, his attempt to avoid payment has failed). Such a person should be indefinitely banned from using because I'm pretty sure he does the same thing at every place he stays at.

    Some people just try to bash your review page for their own sick satisfaction, it's unacceptable like this. They should also be responsible for the way they behave at the places they stay at, just like with Airbnb or Flipkey. 

    A guest review system works wonders and everyone is purely getting the best out of the experience.

    Zsolt - Thuild - Your world of leisure

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    Sam Dingley

    its very true. we had a guest who stayed last year and smoked in our yurts, he was shocking ! I made a massive complaint to booking and wanted him banned, they would not do this instead he left a scathing riview about us because he ruined our yurt! I could only write our side of story on review, he did the same on tripadvisor, abused us horribly and tainted our perfect score, he then shouted abuse down the phone at me`! I have turned down many airbnb guests by reviews people had left for them its so important. We really have had some vile people stay with us!

  • Hey Sam,

    I totally get the uniqueness of what you're trying to offer and how certain people take a huge dump on your passion and work.
    If you use Google Translate, you can still capture the essence from our review section at our property, which is sometimes entertaining but sad.
    Here's the link:

    A suggestion for you. Next time someone doesn't respect your house rules, charge them an extra fee. Like when they some in the yurt, it requires extra cleaning besides the obvious dangers it poses to the structure. Make their pocket hurt and then they will reconsider.
    I have charged another night extra for someone who smoked in a room because we were unable to give it to other guests. It's your business, your rules and make sure they follow it.

    Warm regards,
    Zsolt - Thuild

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    Sam Dingley

    it was a year ago and since them every guest has to leave a 200e depot and sign a lieux et etat with a threat from us they will be fined 500 e if they smoke in our yurts or rooms....its worked so far.

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    Our guess did not received an email where he can apply for a review

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    We agree with Sam

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    My guest ask for a link to leave review. They can't find it on Maybe they are lazy but the fact is I miss out on 70% of reviews because they want me to send them a link to review.

    Such a link would be wise.

  • They receive a link if they have a valid e-mail address connected to their account. If not, they will not receive it, however they can still access this area in their user account:

    That's the section where they can leave reviews and amend them if necessary.

    So if anyone tells you otherwise, they don't want to do it, that's all.


    Zsolt -

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    some reviews disappear that already exist
    can a guest review 2nd time too??   

  • Reviews will be deleted after 2 years.
    A guest can write as many reviews as he has reservations (I.e. 2 reservations = 2 reviews)

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    I would also like to agree with the above and add that there should not be allowed to be annonymous guest reviews. If they do not have the courtesy of letting you know who they are, then they should not be able to review you.

    There should also be some way that can monitor the guests reviews with the same guests past reviews and if there is a patern of nastiness then it should become apparent and not allowed to go through.

    I to would also like to be able to write a review on my guests, as there are some I would not even sent to my worst enemy.





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    I agree. I think guest reviews would change the landscape. We are new to this year. Our first set of guests were an absolute nightmare from before arrival to the end. They left a broken Nespresso machine (they had somehow stuffed around 15 pods in and jammed the entire thing despite having instructions to hand!), mess, soiled linens, etc., and had before arrival threatened us with legal action when they discovered there was a cleaning fee to pay (they never did pay it). Having failed to read our instructions about how to find the apartment and access the key safe they charged up and down our street shouting angrily to be let in at 9 pm. Our second guests seemed okay before arrival and we gave them lots of help finding routes to their work destination (which changed). They left us a mediocre review having smoked in the property constantly (despite the fact that it is non-smoking), failed to leave on time (they were still there 2 hours after check-out and we were faced with trying to prepare in 2 hours for our next (non guests with an apartment reeking of smoke. Ironically they said the apartment was moderately clean when it was absolutely spotless before their arrival but rather dubious after it. They didn't rate our generally sought-after location highly although it was originally (as they said) "perfect" for them until their own needs changed (not our responsibility). They stayed at an absolutely knock-down bargain price (about 50% of our normal rate plus a free night after 3 nights) yet rated us 7.5 value for money! During 3 years of Airbnb we have mostly had lovely guests. Our VRBO guests also seem like decent types. Our guests seem to expect to stay for almost nothing and are worrying to the point where I am considering leaving the site.

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    100% agree, hosts should have the possibility to rate the guests. This option is very important for the hosts and will make some guests to be more responsible for what they do while they are staying and what they write about the hotel after the check-out. As a result, I’m sure it will really help to improve the whole system. The question is - how to persuade to introduce this system into the platform? If everyone who thinks Guests rating should be here, writes to a separate mail using your property own inbox, probably (after they receive hundreds applications about this matter:-)))) will have to agree and introduce Guests rating option for the hosts.  Any other suggestions? 

  • Angelika, That is the only way at the moment to make them do something. 

    We just need to have a larger collective in order to make them move things. This guest review feature is one of the if not most important aspects of modern day hosting. Seems like is lacking behind.

    The last time we brought this up in a discussion with them, they simply stated that it would require too much work and investment for them to do it. 

    I, personally, think that it should be dealt with as the quality of guests has gone from bad to worse.

    I've already sent them 3 messages through the inbox and feedback form. However it would not be an issue for me to send them more if our voices gets heard and we get something out of this.


    Zsolt - 

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    Couldn't agree more, we have been with for 3 years (15% commission is far too high 10% would be fairer) every year our rating has gone down year by year. We are continually decorating and upgrading our guest house, but all you need is a couple of ridiculous reviews out of the blue and your ratings plummet. Anonymous ones are the worst, we get a lot of high scores then all of a sudden you get the one when you have someone with a chip on their shoulder that give 2.7 or something ridiculous like that. We get disheartened by these peoples reviews and try to see where we were going wrong. In the end we'll just give up because don't seem to give a S#*it, as long as they get there 15%. They say if you give special discounts to guest, this is impossible with all the charges are taken in to consideration 15% booking 3% credit card fees 20% Vat in the end there's little profit to be had as will not drop the size of their commission to attract guests.

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    Elizabeth Denise Alexander

    Today I received a review that was just lies 

    We like all of you put all our money into our business & all our energy & when someone like our guest which we upgraded for nothing  just lied & went on to say we lied in the review is just shocking 

    I agree should allow us to do a review on our guests 

    When a guest tries to destroy your business with a lot of lies & crap we should be able to do something about it .

    This is our living & has cost us everything 

    We're not sure if this is what we need to be doing as I've been effected now most of the afternoon  & I can't get any answers from anyone what we can do but for my brother (lawyer) has some good ideas which we may have to pay attention to in this situation 

    Why should people be able to lie & try to destroy our business & we have no say ???????????????

    I'M MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If this happens to me, I’m walking away with my properties.. There’s much better places to market and they cost less.

    If you have a lot of good reviews chances are one liar who blames others for their unhappiness wont stop other bookings.

    Malicious reviews are a big deal and needs to reconsider whether they are going to offer the same fair platform where a host reviews a guest as well.

    my worst guest have come from here. So really, I doubt I’ll miss leaving should I get one more bad guest or a malicious review.

    examples like Trip Advisor who at least let them know to behave, respect your property and set their expectations that they too will be reviewed.

    its unbelievable how some people have no appreciation for what they save in money compared to hotels.

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    At the end most of the people who book through booking most of the time don't take a time to check all the hotel's info or location, and when in the check in process they come to know about our policies and about our services and that's when a perfect service could be turn into a disaster under the guest eyes.

    One customer in a review wrote that he/she would have prefer to be closer to the beach... I wonder if she wanted to be closer to the beach then she would have click on the location of my hotel and notice or satelital position, read other's guest reviews or something before making the reservation, or just book on another property that would fulfill her own speciation.

    Also I have received reviews where the wrote "Very clean hotel" but in the cleaning rate they give us a 7.5!!! To me this doesn't make any sense.

    The Booking review system needs to change ASAP


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    Taylor Johanna

    Sticking my oar in tonight - just got our lowest score ever. A couple of walkers who I greeted with a free silver tray with tea and cakes, got newspaper to stuff their wet walking boots and in the morning drove them for free to the start of their walk.  Gave me 7.5 for STAFF (there is only me) and 5 for value! but in comments they say I was friendly and chatty - so why the low score? I feel mad tonight because I went the extra mile. GRRRR!! 

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    I really feel,for you here Taylor. I’ve a similar thing happen. 

    My new and working mantra is to offer less. Really, the less I offer then the less they have to complain about. I stopped breakfasts, haven’t had one complaint about the breakfast here since.

    I call my rental small. No one has complained about the size since my check in instructions are titled your “Small Nashville Studio”

    I have been waiting for a complaint about the old washer dryer. So I have a big sign saying “I know they are ugly but I wanted you to have a washer and dryer. I clean all linens here with my large capacity machines located in my house.


    you get the idea.... under promise and over deliver, that’s a stars, best trick. You are doing a little over the top efforts and it just gave them something to complain about. Chatty. Bam!


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    Elizabeth Denise Alexander

    I've got to the stage I can't understand guests being able to give reviews 

    I can get many great reviews in a row & then one that wants the cheapest apartment we offer at a discounted rate & then expects a full kitchen enough tea & coffee for their their stay & then take all tea & coffee, sugar , toilet paper,Soap & shampoos with them when they leave & then say value for money 5 or 7.5 

    Yes & when we go over the top we get lower reviews.

    I believe we should have the right to have some of the rubbish removed as they are NOT an honest review .I have requested this to happen & have been told it's an honest review of how the guest saw it .It simply is not true 

    One of mine complained & received her money back or a discount to stay another time .She was going all round NZ doing this & having a holiday for next to nothing 

    We we're left totally shattered for days & I have someone else deal with our guests for several days because of her abuse 

    We really need to strong & when it gets hard to a break so you can get restored & remember most guest are great Cheers 

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    Hello Elizabeth,   What is this persons name just so that I can be on the lookout?   Where is your B&B?

    Kin regards.


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    Some of your experiences sound awful Elizabeth.

    Our last guest left us 10 out of 10 for everything except confusingly for the value for money...7.5.

    We are new to the whole B&B market and when you know you have tried your best and given guest a great stay, or so you think, it really is upsetting to me to get a low score on a review, he seemed so nice and happy with his stay.

    We provide new freshly decorated comfortable en-suite rooms with free WiFi, smart tv's, all toiletries, towels, hairdryers, a well stocked hospitality tray a small bottle of wine per person and bottled water. For breakfast he had natural yoghurt with freshly prepared seasonal fruit. toast,cereal, free flowing tea and coffee plus Smoked salmon scrambled eggs mushrooms and tomatoes..........what the hell did he think wasn't value for money at £65.00.

    All our previous and returning guests say brilliant, fabulous, couldn't ask for on receiving a 7.5 it really dampens your spirit. I have even thanked him (through gritted teeth) for staying with and for his review and politely asked him for feedback to let us know what we are lacking.......he has not answered as of yet, obviously cannot think of anything. As a previous B&B landlord himself he should know how upsetting and damaging low scores can be.

    I have held myself back from commenting to his review online as don't want to be seen as a person who cant take criticism, I welcome feedback but he didn't offer any...........ok so thats my moan over.

    regards Sam

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    I can certainly relate to each of your comments - my staff cringe when we expect Bppking.cxm  guests.  We experience issues most of the time.  Some how I think we get all the "lazy" guests making use of as they click on the top of the page G oogle "ADS" that Bppking.cxm run for each establisment or area.

    We have very little "staff" inter-action in order to leave our guests to enjoy privacy and then get a 5 rating for "staff"

    Generally the review for location gets between 5 and 7,5 - my question;  why book with our establishment if you do not want to be in the location - we all have access to google maps now a days.

    In my country, people using this booking system also do not understand that they make an actual booking and get irritated when we request payment, as they under the impression that they only inquired for availability.

    I find it to be a lot of information guests are expected to read through on this site - specially the "lazy" ones I refered to above!!

    Would be wonderful to be able to "black list" some guests

    My two sends worth for today


  • Dear Mina,

    Which country are you from? So I can better understand this guest behavior.

    You can ask BDC to blacklist people, fortunately we only had to do this once till now.

    However, you can report guest misconduct at this time on the right side of each booking in the extranet:



    Zsolt -

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    The fact that this doesn't exist is a poor business decision on BDC's part. We try to put rooms on vacation rental sites as much as possible because the guests are generally more respectful. That's due to a number of factors, but one of them is definitely that they also have a review

    We've had some guests verbally abuse our staff to the point where we've lost employees. One instance involved some extremely racially insensitive language. We have no recourse whatsoever except to ask that guest to leave with no refund. Then of course, they can leave a nasty review with no fear of any consequence. 

    Also, regarding mistreatment of rooms, I noticed that @Zsolt mention charging guests an additional fee in the case that they abuse the room (in our case, we've had a good handful of intoxicated guests in New Orleans vomit their Hurricane drinks on our beds and ruin linens). Our experience is that guests can easily challenge these charges and credit card companies nearly always side with the consumer in these cases.

    If BDC considered this additional feature, I can tell you honestly that we'd consider narrowing the number of OTAs we list on to encourage a guest review system.

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    I so agree that having an ability to review guests would make the whole system work better!  If guests leave crappy to mediocre reviews and meanwhile, have been difficult, demanding and unreasonable, why should our voice not be available for others to see? 

    I also have to add that's guests seem to be THE most negative.  We get really great reviews on other sites, often 10/10, and on this site not so much! ( Someone actually dinged us because we were watching our own TV in the common area.  We do only have one TV for guests, but wifi everywhere, often we do watch TV in the common area, and when guests come in, we invite them to join us.  Why would our watching TV be an issue? 

    Not sure why attracts visitors who seem to relish being nitpicking and negative.

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    I do feel that there are guests from all avenues that will just be nit pickers, because they can.

    As I said previously and it seems we all agree, reviews both ways may make guests be a little more honest with their reviews.

    What does it take for and others to read our posts, they have added this as a facility, but seem to ignore it from their end.

    I was raised to look after my clients. 

    We pay, not the guests, so why is our voice over powered by the guest.

    They would be well and truley be in the crap if we all decided to withdraw our properties, but they no that won't happen, so by ignoring their clients (US) they do not have to deal with the reality that thier paying clients are not at all happy with the process.

    To be able to leave a review saying only "The coisontts were not flakey enough" is just dam unaceptable. Is that all some moaning bugger can write after 3 days of free things and being spoilt rotten.

    It's a shame they cannot run our business for a week and see what we do and how hard we work for them, they may have more respect then!!!!!

    Keep your chins up guys, and remember there will always be one in the bunch, and I am guessing other prospective guests will see through the lines when they look at our reviews in the whole picture



    Liz (New Zealand)

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