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    Hi Catherine you are not alone it is not the first time that I have signed into an ' Affiliated Partner' to find that the representation of my properties have very important information missing such as cancellation policies, check in times etc.  Kyak being one that springs to mind (though I have not checked them recently) but more to the point are the thousands of others that we do not know about that only come to light when there is a problem and the guest actually states they did not book through Booking.Com but another OTA  that you have never heard of!! Everything is fed through with no reference whatsoever to another third party but the minute it is brought to their attention they 'squeel' from the rooftops that it not them but an affiliated party.  I did have an instance such as that several years ago and Booking.Com did take responsibility.  However, that was many years ago and from then Booking.Com has changed beyond recognition (I have been with them since 2010/11) when in those days you had direct contact with account managers that could communicate in English (both verbal and written).  Now it seems that the more conflicting information they can plaster onto a properties page the better, as an example the 'Special Requests Check In Box' which is in direct line of the guest (whereby your policies are hidden to the side or below giving the guest the impression they do not matter).I have experienced that very issue in the last 24 hours and last night received an abusive, threatening phone call from a guest which I had written to Booking.Com about and who to date have not bothered to reply.

    Nowadays I aim to have as little to do with Booking.Com as possible which is a huge pity and if it had not been for the seriousness of the issue just described then I would probably not be commenting on this site. One thing is sure don't expect any support from Booking.Com as there aint any

  • Your best bet is probably to contact the affiliate partner directly. It's in their interest too that the information is correct, so that the bookings go through.


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    Many of these affiliate agents are far worse than the big boys.
    I have contacted many to correct the information therein. First response, if any, is a standard "we take our data directly from OTA X". I then point out that their info and that of X actually conflict and maybe they should update. This sometimes wakes them up but usually has some other feeble excuse for non-action. I will then send a disclaimer stating any booking received from them, directly or via X, will be void unless individually confirmed in writing by us. I then make my decision after contacting the guest explaining any differences.

  • Fluff - is there any way to forbid specific affiliate agents from posting your listing?

    Ideally I think affiliate agents should be managed in some sort of dashboard here on BDC by hosts. That way you could remove them if they don't behave.

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    I believe not. Once the information is up on the net anyone may use it (public domain). Obviously if they are not an affiliate they cannot claim to be one as then they would infringe on a law or two.

    A full list of recognised affiliates should be available from BDC. I'm not sure the dashboard feature you mention would be workable as our actions would then be upsetting the contract between BDC and their affiliates, no matter how incompetent they may be.

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