What is the best breakfast one can provide, as a Villa with 4 rooms?

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    Hi there,

    Can you not raise your accommodation price and include breakfast?

    Maybe just charge an all inclusive price of 10 euro (for example) per head and they can eat what they want!

    Individual pricing is always difficult.


  • Hello Torrdarach,

    We have it inclusive and also not inclusive. We use many pricing models to best fit everyone's needs.

    I feel that the bad reviews come from the inclusive reservations, something along the line that it's not enough for them.

    Their reviews don't really help much as they are typically not constructive ones.

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    Hakim Mazari

    Hey all,


    Yeah the breakfast deal can be tricky for a small hotel/lodge. We had the same problem. When you include anything in the price people expect exceptional performance...way above value for money. So what we have decided to do is do breakfast on request...Meaning they have to arrange well in advance and be staying a while. That way it is easy to make either a buffet of a-la-carte  to their specifications. And they pay separately for the breakfast at the beginning of the stay. Win win.

    Yeah Thuild sharp reviews can be a downer.


    Regards, M

  • Dear Mazari,

    We try to avoid doing a buffet style breakfast because of the food waste that it generates.
    Maybe if a group books the whole place, then it would make sense.

    What type of breakfast do you serve?
    What are your costs involved?

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Pita Lie

    We cater big varieties of customers so since few years back we decided to stop serving breakfast. With so many diets demands (vegetarian, pictorian, vegan, lactose free, gluten free, peanut allergic, low sodium, no sugar, no gmo, halal, kosher and so on). We are lucky that our streets are full of choices so they can choose their own breakfasts according to their budgets and preferences. Also with limited manpower with so many early flights and early ferry schedule, demands to make it all days breakfast as early as 3 am (as customers fells the price is inclusive and they have right to have it!) we find it getting more and more impossible to serve it. We do have common kitchen and snack vending machines so they can self cater. 

    Few complaints but we put it very clear anyway in our microsite that we do not serve breakfast. 

  • Dear Pita,

    This might work because of your location, however we are near the forest. Technically still in the city, but places to serve a breakfast are in the city center, therefore it wouldn't be a viable option.

    Also, I'm the only person running the whole place, serving breakfast, cleaning and doing almost everything. 

    We specify that we serve breakfast only from 8 AM till 10 AM, sometimes 7:30 AM, but we never had anyone ask for it before, even if they had it included.

    Although we do have rate plans which do not include breakfast, most of the guests who book this, still order breakfast (even though it costs them more than just booking an inclusive rate).

    Our airport is due to open again, very soon. We never experienced having an open airport since we started after it got closed for capital renovations. So hopefully no one will ask me for a 3 AM breakfast.

    Snack vending machine, sounds like a good idea, but maybe it's not viable for my type of property. However when we open the hostel, it might be the best thing there.


    Thank you for your insights,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    European Connection

    Few breakfast tips.

    Create two type of rates, with, and without breakfast.

    People who don't order breakfast should order from the menu, people who order room with breakfast scheme get standard breakfast.

    As for the food itself.

    Most items at your menu are kind of risky because they can range from great to terrible depending on how you cook them.

    Omelets are especially tricky: if you offer it, make sure you know what good omelet is; and that you arent simply offering cooked scrambled eggs instead of real omelet

    Cereals and oatmeal's on other hand is a good choice because they are quite standard, but dont offer guests cheapest cereal from local store, be a bit innovative.

    Bread and cold platter can be great or terrible, depending on what you offer. If you have a possibility always offer the production of local bakery and local organic meat store, and avoid the supermarket bread and ham on the plate.

    Are you providing toast and /or french toast? If not, you are behind most hotels.

    Always consider vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free options, also something for Jewish and Muslim visitors.

    Last note-your menu is very short on fresh fruit, vegetables and yogurts. 

    Once you consider it, you are all set.

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    European Connection

    About early breakfast requiest.

    If someone asks for a breakfast for lest say 4 am, simpky explain that your kitchen starts at 8(or 6 depending on your schedule), and offer the meal package to be delivered at his or her room at the evening instead.

    If you room does not have water boiler and tea/coffee packages for guests, offer it too.

    Usual meal options for such guests are nuts, pastry, packed sandwich(if room has a fridge) fuit, usially apple and banana and yougurt(again if room has a fridge)

    They eat it when they want and are usially leaving happy


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    Pita Lie


    I also do many things myself as we are in the island with limited manpower. That's why we limit our services. Our experience shows that breakie is always the sour note. Again, every establishment is different and it is up to you to adjust your place. My recommendation is actually to pay a visit to your next door competitions with higher rating to see what they offer to learn to be better from them. Asking here where everybody comes with different type of accommodations, different cultures etc will create random answers that it is not necessarily helpful with one's needs. Just a thought.  

  • European Connection,

    Good ideas there. 

    Just a few things to clarify:

    - we have hot water boiler in the main kitchen, which everyone can use with tea bags that we provide at breakfast too

    - the menu has the fruit salad, which is something we do out of 3-4 types of fruit, all fresh fruit. maybe we should offer them whole fruits on the buffet counter where the drinks are?

    - the cereals are various, they can choose between 3-4 types, depending what we can find, no complaints ever there

    - the oatmeal we serve is the most beloved breakfast. we have guests who love it so much that they always eat that, regardless of how many days they stay


    - the omelettes look like this, however we still haven't decided if to serve them opened or just flip them in half

    PS: we've upgraded to better pans, since the pictures were taken. 

    - the cold platter is one of the most ordered things after the cherry tomato omelette (best seller), we might need to put some vegetables there too, however the plate of super full of ham, salami and cheese, maybe serve the vegetables on another plate

    - the french toast is something that you don't really find here in hotels, maybe 1-2 have them, but that's it and those have huge restaurants. we can make them of course, but considering how much different the preparation is to the rest of the menu, it will create a backlog in the kitchen, so I would skip this one.

    We are serving guests with branded yogurt, plain ones, not flavored. 


    You gave me some food for thought. This is the type of conversation that I was looking for.

    Thank you,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

  • @ Pita,

    There aren't any establishments that function as we do in my area. 

    There are the big hotels with 5 star restaurants, who of course can offer better breakfast, but that's it. The rest just serve buffet style, nothing special or no breakfast at all.

    We cannot really use the local experience to provide something better than the rest, that's why I'm asking around here, maybe we get some great ideas.

    I've already gotten a few things added since this post came to life and the feedback from guests is so much better.

    Cost wise, we are almost at the point where the breakfast doesn't really make us any money, we cannot do much about it. Our production is not as effective as a restaurant's. 

    Also, different cultures and the variety of backgrounds will always have a better effect on getting the best out of anything, multiple aspects can be observed. 


    Best regards,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com


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    Pita Lie


    Hi Zsolt

    When I travel, I notice that more and more boutique accommodations offer personal breakfast choices including the time you will serve them. This will reduce the waste cost and also will create added points as "personal touch" - a feeling that make customers feel special that you "create" something that is not in the menu just for them. The host will always contact the guests a night before to ask what they want in the morning. You might be able to do it as you only have 4 rooms. Creating communication with customers always increase the happiness level of customers especially when your customers in the range of 30 years above. (God knows why) Give a bit suggestion and story of how your material is homemade, local produce or whatever as customers usually love stories - just make sure it is not made up. LOL. If it is not possible to talk directly, put a note (few hotels do that as well) that guests can drop on your desk or whatsapp or email to you. 

    Just an idea. 


  • Dear Pita,

    That's exactly how we're doing it now. Many people choose to order the custom breakfast, exactly what they like. However the other options help them if they are undecided types of people.
    Our waste is 5% with the way we function.
    Just that the extras might not be enough. What we give besides their order.

    That's the tricky part for us.
    We give the following extras: free flowing coffee, 4 types of tea, orange juice, filtered water, gem, honey, butter, croissant, bananas, apples, yoghurt and bread These are inclusive to any option they order off the menu.

    Is it too little?

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Pita Lie

    Hi Zsolt 

    Is it too little? 

    Well, any of your customers ever mentioned it? If yes, is it significant enough for you to loose the business? 

    I personally think you have a good basic choices as like any other places in the world that offers breakfast and I will be happy with that. Again, go to your customers to ask their opinions. Know the market is the best knowledge to increase your value, 


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    Pita Lie

    Hi Zsolt 

    Another idea. Put a local delicacy - different one - every day on your inclusive menu. You can put poale-n brau (I love it!) one day, polenta next day, merdenele and so on. A small portion so they can try. Again, personal touch is always an added point. 


  • Hello Pita,

    Oh great. Now that's a good idea, we can also source these from some local bakeries. I'll need to do some digging.

    What we offer as a real great seller is locally brewed beer, artisan lager. Guests love that a lot. This is however a minibar item.

    Thank you

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    I think buffet breakfast (self service) for a fixed price is the optimum. For my breakfast I am now replacing some store products for local home-made ones (juices, jams,... etc.). BIO is the thing now they say... lol The bigger is the variety the better.. :) 

  • @pibomarco

    Local and home made stuff is easy to find here, just that it might be too expensive. Will need to see about the prices. We usually give these as a bonus for long staying guests, to have a larger variety of breakfast eaten at our place.

    About the buffet, not viable for me as I don't have all the time enough guests to be able to do it without it being too expensive or losing money and wasting food. I wrote about this above in one of the replies. 

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    Hey there,


    You have two options for your breakfast.

    1. Add room price with breakfast

    2. Add room price without breakfast


    According to the guests willing, they will select the breakfast options. If guest select with breakfast you can prepare breakfast as below;

    1. Toasted bread + butter + jam + 4 kinds of fruits + Omelette + Tea or coffee

    This is the menu many of guests like to have.

    If you like to give your country style breakfast, first get the opinion of your guests and prepare according to their wish.


    Thank you


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    Hello :-)

    We include breakfast in room price this year.We do that because we got much more review from guests about our place and meals which we prepaire.Also,we decide to prepaire our traditional meal from breakfast and guests likes that very much.It takes a little more time to prepair but we wish when guests visit our place to see our nature and taste our meals.Wish to say,when I visit some country I dont like to drink just Coca Cola,I like to try some their traditional food and drinks.

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    Hello! We have a small Bed&Breakfast and maximum 4 rooms. I do everything myself, and the Breakfast I see as an extra service, something people enjoy and what pushes the reviews and experiences up. I am in Spain, therefore mainly serve an European Breakfast. I place it in a big basket, the hour aprox., the guests indicate, just outside the room. In the rooms are a table, microwave, water cooker etc. Some have a bigger private terrace. I serve it with coffee/tea/hot chocolate, fresh orange juice, toasts, meat/cheese, jams, butters, tomatoes and olive oil, and a freshly baked croissant out of a woodstove oven of a local bakery, whom deliver it to my door everyday. Fruits and yogurts, milk without lactose and options on stevia, or dark sugar. I believe local products, or homemade bakery adds a plus to the breakfast. When Australian, English or American come I give them the choice of scrambled eggs etc. And/or cereals. I normally get really high notes on the breakfast. I have 2 prices on the rooms, a non refundable rate, with option on breakfast for 4,- each person, or the more flexible and more expensive rate with breakfast included. It should be more expensive, but somehow I find real pleasure in preparing breakfasts. Good luck and have fun!

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    Nikolaspg111 Did you notice a bigger increase of bookings comparing to last year because you included breakfast in the rate? :)

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    Hi pibomarco...yes,we notice increase of bookings in low season and we notice too increase early bookings for full season.

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    Gul Rais

    I think best iz traditional breakfast providing

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    Gul Rais

    I think best iz traditional breakfast providing

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    Ed & Barbara

    We furnish several kinds of tea, coffee and spiced cider along with the creamer and sugar.  We are a fully furnished vacation rental, full kitchens with all the appliances to cook a gourmet meal if they desire. In the 20 years we have never had anyone write a bad review because we do not do breakfast.  We do make it very clear that we do not furnish meals.  We also make sure the kitchen has all of the basic condiments, salt/pepper, cooking oils. spices etc. they might need. We also give a map of all the local eateries.  We are in the Pacific Northwest, a small island of the coast of Washington state and people come here to experience the local specialties.  Several local bakeries and our local farmers market on Saturday is always a big hit with the tourist.

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    With a maximum capacity like that, I would be inclined to make two separate day-ahead stratas, that you can pick and choose the ingredients for e.g. a simple bacon, egg and cheese with onion; and another one that is more kid-friendly which is straight-up French toast style with cinnamon, fruit and icing sugar.  Then you can sideline them both with fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, etc. For this I charge $12.50 per person and it is built into my overnight rates. When people tell me they don't want to eat breakfast here, I simply minus that cost out.

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    We are a similar size hotel (max of 15 guests) and live at the end of the road in the jungle (less purchase options). For the TINY profit you are making on your breakfasts, I would be including them and offering a more standard breakfast. For example: we offer every day; toast from homemade bread, homemade jam, eggs, sausage and fruit. In addition the guests can also have a rotating daily special (like pancakes, french toast, the local gallo pinto, banana bread, hashbrowns, etc...). Our breakfasts are our crowning jewel. And we keep it simple as to the number of ingredients we keep onsite. Pancakes are the VERY best for allergies....with the right kind of flour you can make gluten free, with coconut milk you can serve to the lactose free...you can make it work for almost anyone. Hope this helps!!

  • Hey guys,

    Wow, I guess this discussion kicked off nicely, bunch of great feedback and ideas.

    Quick note: I am doing almost everything alone here, no staff.

    Here are my replies. 

    Myhomeguestpolonnaruwa  - I am already doing that, I've mentioned that in previous comments.

    Nikolaspg111 - great idea. I was thinking of doing something traditional, however that is not something that everybody likes. The guests that I have are very split, because this is a luxury estate, they expect a variety of options. However, I think that a traditional platter would be something we could try to source.

    Catharina - awesome ideas, I love the way you prepare everything for them. I have a dining room especially set up for serving breakfast, very restauranty, yet still feels like home. Unfortunately I do not have microwave and the others in the rooms, except the apartment, which has a fully equipped kitchen. Usually when I have a group, I serve them breakfast even though they have a kitchen, they expect this service. The first thing everyone asks is about the breakfast, so I cannot really go in any other direction than to prepare it for them to their specifications.

    Gul Rais - Yes, but do you want to eat something traditional in a modern villa? This is the thing that I'm contemplating most. I'm going to add a traditional option, just need to find something that can be easily done and can be excellent.

    Ed & Barbara - Lucky you. Here, people are quite snobbish, even though they shouldn't be. So as mentioned previously, they can have the apartment booked and still want us to make them breakfast. This is normal for them. On a side note, some people rent out their apartments in the city, even they had trouble because guests were asking for some breakfast, even thought that's in a residential block.

    Keeper  - It seems to be fine and good, but what about the times when they are long staying guests? Having just 2 options will become boring in a fast pace. $12.5 breakfast wouldn't work here :) of course it depends on the area. I'm also considering the prices from my competitors.

    Resevations  - We made our price to be in line with the competetion, therefore they also make the Tiny profit on it, however they have kitchen staff and a professional kitchen to make it, I have myself and a 4 burner electric stove (I can use 2 burners at once for omelettes because of the size of the pans). How much time does it take you to prepare that breakfast?


    Cheers guys,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Alan Agliotti

    Hi all,

    I have two breakfast options which work very well for the locals as well as the tourists.

    I have the menue's on each table for the guests to see the options available.

    Option 1 - Continental Breakfast (which is included in the room rate) and the guests help themselves.

    Large jug of orange juice.

    Choice of three cereals which are served in large bowls (Muesli, Kellogg's all bran flakes and Kellogg's corn flakes)

    Large jug of fresh milk.

    Plain and mixed fruit yogurt served on a platter.

    Assorted Muffins served on a platter.

    Plain butter Croissants separately wrapped served in a wicker basket. Pre-heat in the microwave for 45 seconds and they stay warm for some time.

    Two types of cheeses which I buy pre-wrapped mixed with cherry or similar tomatoes served on a platter.

    Bowl of boiled eggs in the shell.

    Bowl of freshly cut fruit salad (at least five different one's)

    Toast - white or brown bread.

    Seperate station with a selection of different teas, instant coffee and percolator coffee.

    The good thing about the above with the exception of the fruit salad is that what is not used can be refrigerated for the next day. Just monitor that the tomatoes do not go soft and the yoghurts "use by" date. There is very little wastage this way.

    Option 2 - English Breakfast (at a extra charge) BUT the Continental is also included. They can choose from below.

    Hot Jungle Oats served with honey.

    Bacon - streaky is the best.

    Eggs (two) choice of scrambled, fried, poached or boiled. (No omelettes served - too complicated)

    Sausage - choice of beef or pork fried.

    Fried tomatoes with a little ground black pepper. 

    Baked beans warmed in the microwave with fried onions.

    Fried button mushrooms with black ground pepper (optional as they can be very expensive)

    Toast - white or brown bread.

    Selection of pre-packed jams and butter on the tables.

    My guests never leave the dining room hungry and they always compliment me on the great breakfasts.

    Big bonus is that once the guests see that there is a charge for the English breakfast (which can be expensive).....95% of them settle for the Continental breakfast only which is a saver for me and a win win situation for all.


    When there are children, I place a plate of pancakes on the table. They love them and this really fills them.

    For vegetarians, I keep a stock of Vegan sausages.

    Give it a try and good luck.


    Sandton Leopard Tree Lodge.



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