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    This is one of the issue I've brought to the table when I was looking for Channel Managers.

    The thing is, you can do it, but it will cost you a LOT of money, because of the number of channels x number of units.

    Zsolt -

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    Thanks Zsolt....By the way whats a LOT of money..any ideia?

  • One channel manager that has a very good system and a lot of channels would go around the 50 Euro mark. 

    Now 50 euro x the number of units it's what it's going to cost you.

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    So whats the best channel manager for

  • I'm very satisfied with Siteminder. They also have a very good PMS and other products.

    They have the best connectivity out there. It doesn't cost you extra to connect to as many channels as you want.


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    Yes but they don’t have Airbnb

  • They have it, I'm using it :)

    The article from them:

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    how can i get more reviews from guests ?

    is there anyway can approach to the guests to write reviews for the guest house where they stayed?

    what are the best ways to get more bookings?



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    I'm using eZee Channel manager and it has been very good.

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    I use Little Hotelier PMS by SiteMinder.  I am very happy with them (and yes, they recently connected to Airbnb for instant bookings)

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    I'm using Frontdesk and it has not let me down ever. The staff are always super helpful - just waiting for  them to connect to airbnb and I'll be totally set.


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    I use Nightsbridge. It's not cheap, but delivers in all the ways I need it too. Works perfect with Booking.Com.

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    Biro Lilla Orsolya

    Here is a professional channel manager solution, that works for everything and has low costs.

    Engineered from a company in Berlin. Works perfect and costs around 30 USD for 2 units. If you sign up for a year you get 20% off. Every additional unit is 6USD.

    You can try a full working version, free of charge, with full customer support, for a complete month and sign up afterwards. The customer support is excellent. All my problems were solved on remote access, free of charge, through them. Just a call, and settled. Call back service, if they are busy (very quick).
    Sometimes, they asked, what my problem was and I just got an email, that they solved it on remote access in their software.

    I did try it out a full month, it works perfect, so I signed up. But I started with monthly rates, as I am still looking around. But till now, I haven´t found something likewise,offering such a support, features and stability for that price.

    This is the best channel manager, comparing to the price & features, I found so far. It started years ago as a little startup in Germany. Now it is the most popular channel manager with thousands of clients.

    English language and many others available, of course!

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    We are using Nuevah (, we have 10 apartments soon to have 13 with different IDs and are very happy using the system. Very good value for money, we especially like the mobile app that they have! 

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