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    and - The best way to get quality feedback is to comment here ?  maybe..

    Do I get points for solving the 'maximum occupancy' problem ?


    Finding 'Bugs' is much less annoying, if you can report them, instead of getting angry
    - You feel like you are helping out and in a small way helping to make things better.
    ( even if it takes months to get fixed. )



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    Bugs Do Get Fixed...

    ( Dead Link ) - Fixed.


    The highest Level is 5...  updated.   (  to 7 )

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    What if  nobody else has the same 'Problem'
    - then it's not really a big problem and may never get fixed.
    I will list my problems here - to see how 'common' they are - and hope they get fixed.
    I will also try - direct feedback to, and see if that works.

    Problem #1 & 2:
    You can't edit your address, even if you made a mistake, after you setup your account...
    Map Location... Google knows best, most of the time...  ( but not always. )

    Problem #3:
    " Derived Pricing "  ( 1 Booking Max - up to 6 people ) -  You 'must' select this when you setup...
    - or call customer support, to have them edit.

    I have created a duplicate listing to be able to get some features that I did not get when I fist setup the account, like 'Derived Pricing'...  ( Both listings are the same property, just with different settings. )

    It would be great if I could...

    - Transfer these 'new' settings to my original property listing...

    If for what ever technical reasons, this was not possible, then...

    - Transfer my 'Reviews' / Booking History etc from my primary listing to my 'new' listing ?
    that  now has 'Derived Pricing'...

    Would anybody else wish there was a feature to test out a 'new' listing...  
    and be able to 'preview it' - on the site, but this not to be 'public' yet.  

    Or is everyoe else just happy with the way it works right now ?

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi MikeM, thanks for your feedback! We've updated this Partner Help Center article with the correct link and this Levels, Badges, Top Contributors post to reflect the new higher levels.

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    Great Work - and I'm Happy to help.



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