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    Optmize Vacations

    Hey @Rajai

    Yes you can offer discounts or free nights by managing it from extranet. I mostly run book 6 nights and pay for 5 nights.

    For cleaning fees you can not ask for additional payments; its best you add it in your room rates.

    Hope this was helpful.


    Optmize Vacations


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    Burcat's Home

    Hello Rajai,


    How are you?


    Discounts are a great way to attract long stay guests. I manage appartments and we offer a disccount if you are seven days or more and an extra disccount if you booked a full month. 


    For cleening fees we thought about it, to charge it separetly, but at the end we found it useless. First of all you have a worst ranking position if you charge extra fees and second because is so anoying for the guests to pay extra money. Even you say it clear, some people doesn't read it and get dissapointed, so the reviews, usually, they tend to be negative.


    I hope this can be helpful.

    Have a wonderful week.


    Lorena, Burcat's Home

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