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    Cleaning fee has nothing to do with the site. It's a cultural thing.

    I rent out properties in different countries and I can say that in one country I charge cleaning fee and in another country I don't.

    It in fact made me feel sad, because I realized that in some countries cleaning is not even considered as work, it's like given. The roots of this problem are very deep... Mostly it's because people think woman must clean and that's she was born for it.

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    cassid guests don't like extra fees, its not like Airbnb, or Tripadvisor where cleaning fees are normal

    You can only add a set cleaning fee via your listing, you can add it yourself , it cannot be amended for different stays unless you charge locally. 

    I would suggest increasing your price to cover the costs of cleaning or be prepared for lots of unhappy guests who won't have read your emails/descriptions.

    I always thought it was a weird charge, I have to pay you to clean your place either for me or after me

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    Not sure about that Katerina, as it can be added it is part of the site. Its whether guests are happy about it or not is another thing, in my experience, they don't. I tried to add it like Joey to deter one nighters and it does not go down well.

    I think part of that reason is all properties are treated like hotels by guests on and hotels build it into the price.

    As a one woman business, I do the cleaning and it is the hardest aspect of my job, it takes the longest to do. I thought cleaning after children was messy, boy was I wrong. It's definitely a job and an hard one at that Katerina. But that's not what the original poster is asking.

    I think we have a long way to go before women are fully seen as equals Katherina but we have to do our best, this is not just a problem in 2nd or 3rd worlds but in 1st worlds, I hate to define countries but it's make it easier to understand. Some races don't allow women to be educated, jail the female victim when she is raped, there are so many problems but I am resisting the urge to get on my soap box. 


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    By the way I recently had a guest, who got promo rate. He liked the rate so much, that he wanted to pay little again. Just to let you know, we charge cleaning and taxes.
    Look what he wrote:

    "Good evening, I booked awhile ago for my friend, is it possible to extend her stay for one day, but the rate would be Php 2481.00 only without cleaning fee? No need for room cleaning for the entire stay?

    Thank You!"

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    I thought of adding a ' per stay '  cleaning fee to discourage one night stays and try and encourage stays which are longer. Before I gave it a try I told BDC ( I could not do it myself) to add a per night AC fee - but it did not go down well. Guests prefer to pay Euro 100 for a room rather than Euro 75 + Euro 5 AC fee. It is not logical but  part of our human psychology I guess. In psychology I learned about positive reinforcement which means rewarding behaviour which you favour.

    If you are dead set on adding a fee you can ask BDC to do it for you. In my case they advertised the price without the fee but then took it from the guests' credit cards as a non commissionable fee.

    But think about it - how would you feel if you stayed at a hotel and they charged you extra fees for this and that? 

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    I have a feeling that Cassid and Katerinka are using the word ' site' to mean different things. Funny how they fitted in, in the conversation. English can be a confusing (but beautiful) language :-)

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    "As a one woman business, I do the cleaning and it is the hardest aspect of my job, it takes the longest to do"

    I salute you. If you didn't know who is the longest cleaner in the world, it's me. What normally people can clean in 1 hour, I do in 4.

    I was thinking before to add minimal charge as cleaning fee, but then I got thinking, could this hard work cost so little? And will my clients think that cleaning is so cheap and not value this?

    There are other ways on how to go about addictional fees. One of them is Service charge. It sounds more misterious than Cleaning fee.

    I have checked the reviews of many properties and I can see that any additional fee cause guests to leave bad reviews. Somehow those greedy guests expect that property should charge Rate and that's it.

    Joey, very observant! Made me smile

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    Katerinka, Thank you for the compliment :-) This morning I had two people over to help me put the place in order. I just do not have the patience to fold and organise linen and towels but I think I'm quite good at washing floors as it just means that I remove rugs, shake them out and it they do not look ok I pop them in a washing machine. Then I mop the floor over with lots of water and a touch of detergent. But the idea of folding linen and organising linen and towels makes me feel all nauseous.




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    Hi same problem.... if I choose that cleaning cost is NOT included, the additional cost is not calculated in the stay price so it is supposed I have to ask cash at guests arrival.

    If I choose that cleaning cost IS included, the additional cost is not calculated anyway in the stay price so guests....

    So can you confirm that there is no way (like airbnb for example) that the cleaning costs at the end pot the stay are automatically calculated?

    Many thanks for your help....

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