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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi N Andela !

    Thanks for your descriptive post, I was able to understand your problem exactly. 

    Have you tried adding it on your extranet under Property -> Policies -> Internet and Parking. 

    You can mark it there whether or not the parking is free or paid. I suggest adding it there, I think you should be able to charge per car. 

    And furthermore I suggest adding this to your Fine Print -> Property -> View my descriptions. Add there that they must communicate with you regarding a parking permit before arrival.

    That Should help. Best of luck

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    N Andela

    Thanks Leandri

    We have added this already to our Policies, but our problem is that how do you individually invoice guests for parking prior to them arriving for their visit period??

    Does bookings have a physical invoice or billing platform where we can charge the guest before they arrive so their parking is paid for by them before they arrive?


    Nic and Nicky

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    Why do this via BDC at all?


    I would consider it a separate transaction and either charge in advance, as you say or charge on arrival.

    I would certainly not leave it until check out.

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    N Andela

    Is this practically possible to do this online as a separate transaction via Bookings payment systems? Surely guests will want all transactions to be through their bookings company?

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    I personally would not involve BDC. Charge on arrival.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey N Andela ,

    Big pleasure!

    Hmmm Fluff has a point. Because does not have an official invoice or whatsits that you can send to the guest before arrival. 

    Perhaps it might be best to just notify them that they are liable for it before hand?

    Kind regards

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