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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi Dorganpeter,

    Check out this article on the Partner Help Centre about the Know Your Partner form. If you haven't received it yet, just send a message through your Extranet inbox so your local team can help you out.

    Take care!

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    can you email me the Know Your Partner form as i can't get it on the system, the system just takes me in circle


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    How do i get partner form ?Can you email me the know your partner form?

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    El Nido

    Please send us a know your partner form to: so that we can fill out the form.

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    Same question. Why don't you make it easier by send the email with that link?

    I can't find where is it in your system. 


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    Can you please send me a Know your Partner form urgently to  or to

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    I have had 2 reminders to fill in my KYP form but there is no link in the email to the form ! Neither does the email explain where to find it ! Just vaguely threatening messages saying what will happen if you don’t fill it in ! Appallingly organised .

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