Setting Up a Holiday Home with Variable Rates

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    I have the same question, in that I want the daily rate to be more than 1/7th of the weekly rate?

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    I'm reasonably sure there is no direct method of doing this but there are work-arounds. (I'm hotel not gite or apartment, there maybe different settings available)

    1) Use promotions, starting with the highest rate and discount down appropriately using the the minimum-stay feature. This appears in the drop down menu for room type in your calender. (If not present ask BDC to add it).

    e.g. daily rate is 140(your currency).

    Promo for 4 day stay @ minus x% discount = 130/n

    Promo for 5 day stay @ minus y% discount = 120/n

    Promo for 6 day stay @ minus z% discount = 110/n etc.

    2) Offer more room types.

    e.g. MyGite 7days or more = 100/n

    MyGite 6 days = 110/n

    MyGite 5 days = 120/n

    Mygite 4 days = 130/n etc.


    I hope that is of use.

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    Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will have a look at this and see how it works for me.

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