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    I have the same problem. Never had any problems, now I have no longer access to Pulse.

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    Gareth Jones

    We are also getting this message now on one of our iPads. Both iPhones and another iPad are working fine.

    The affected iPad is the oldest of all the devices (3rd generation) so I thought perhaps the developers had decided to no longer support it, yet the app's requirements on its App Store page are inconclusive because although the 3rd generation iPad isn't listed, the 4th generation isn't listed either and the app still works on that.

    I can't think of any of the app's features that would be taxing for the older devices and the most recent working version of it performed fine on that iPad a few days ago so it wouldn't really make sense to kill it.

    Could please take a look at this issue and let us know what is going on?


    NB: If anyone else affected by this issue could please remember to vote for it, that would be most helpful.  :)

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    Same here,I have an iPhone 5c which cannot upgrade to the operating system required to support Pulse. Pulse chucked me off yesterday, I didn't even get a chance to decide whether to update the Pulse app. - please resolve this. You have an enormous customer base and not everyone is going to want to/be able to upgrade their phones. 

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    Same problem here....amazing no answer from is forthcomming. 


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