Guests checked out without payment because they thought Booking charged on their Credit Card.

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    Aaltje B.

    As soon as you see this happen you can write to the help desk.  Namunamuhotel. Some OTA's do charge from people's account some don't and if people have holidays arranged by both then they sometimes forget. But it can also be "forgotten" if you know what I mean. In other words, 

    I am not sure of the time limit, but there is a restricted time as to when the possibility for payment by Bdc stops. Check with them asap.

    I had this problem happen with the most genuine bookers, so now to prevent embarrassment and hassle I make them pay at arrival not when they leave and try to find out if they have paid. They often say yes, they have paid, when it is actually not the case. So good to double check if you can. 

    Wishing you wisdom and honest bookers too. 



    Ella B. 


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