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  • Sitges Hills Villas is a trusted and highly respected agency in this area.

    My good hospitality friend, "always be there for your guests" is a great heading but rather ambiguous and possibly a little misleading after a little digging on my part. I am not sure whether you represent one villa or an agency within the region. 

    Hospitality experts should distinguish between "being there for your guests" in terms of technological offerings and service add-ons within a package and what I am more interested in which is face to face value time with your guests! 

    My take away from your advice for which I am thankful of the reminders are;

    1)  Make sure you are there for them when they arrive and when they leave

    2) Help with booking online events

    Thank you and hoping you have a great summer ahead! 



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    Sitges Villa Apartment

     Mark it’s Neil Alis friend, I run one house, apartment so it’s easier for me to make that statement, booking.Com really is setup
    as a hotel site rather than one or two houses or a small group so it can be difficult to achieve some of these things. You have your own office now in sitges to welcome your guests as I understand from Ali and Anya. Which is great as you are running a lot of properties. It is also my first post here so I am not quite with it with regards to how the system works on this forum.

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    Martina Stoecker

    Good morning,

    I agree - the personal commitment is the most important impact represent the establishment personally.

    We are always here to welcome the guests. Showing the new guests around the house, asking them about their journey of the day, showing interest on their travel experiences. Most of our guests ask about our story, how we got here. The experiences we made ourselves during the 20 years living in South Africa.

    Suggestions for making restaurants reservations for the evening (if not already done so during my previous e-mail conversation), probably organizing a shuttle. Maybe they'd like to do some adventure tour as it is still early in the afternoon. 

    Sometimes they are so stressed from driving hundreds of kilometers. We offer a fresh brewed cup of coffee or tea on arrival -  probably a ice cold Savannah in summer. It is very important for us to make the guests feel comfortable, home away from home.

    Yes, and of course all the little things in the rooms - water in the fridge, WiFi connection, fresh baked pastry, flowers, sparkling clean rooms, etc.etc   are important, but still - for me, the personal welcome replaces nothing.

    Very seldom that we have guests arriving, where we can feel that they keep a distance from the first moment and want to be for themselves.

    Once we had a complaint in one at's reviews - we would bee too friendly ... what a nice review actually ;-) 

    And, what is important as well:  we are here, present 24/7. Yes, days can be terribly long, starting at 6 for preparing breakfast and then still be available at the reception often far after 20.00 ... not to mention the late arrivals. 

    For example:  I prefer to knock at the guests door when their shuttle arrives, leading the guests to the parking area and wait until their shuttle departed. 

    The best sample for me is: what I expect when I am travelling.

    You all have a lovely, successful weekend with lots of guests.

    Greetings from Wilderness, South Africa

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    M Adamopoulou

    We are Always there to meet my guests together with my husband and little granddaughter... welcoming them with our biggest smile...
    Meet and greet is very important....and guests highly appreciate it...
    Keep well...

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    Hi all

    Thanks for your suggestions - they make me rethink what we do right/wrong.

    As we rent out our holiday home which is 150km from us, we arrange everything remotely, trying to build a rapport with guests, building enough trust for us to let them use our property without our oversight while not expecting them to become our personal friends, as it were (they may or may not want to stay in touch, so we don't want to intrude). 

    So, there are a few challenges, yes. We send guests lots of information about the accommodation and the area beforehand, leave a welcome pack with some snacks and sweets and a discount voucher on a future booking (as an incentive for them to leave a review). We provide and ask for their WhatsApp details, check to make sure they've arrived safely and answer any questions immediately.

    We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience we offer as we know word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways getting repeat business. We've just ordered fridge magnets with the name/logo which we'll include with their welcome pack and which we hope will remind guests of their happy holiday (and keep our spot top of mind when they talk to their friends).

    Can't wait to see tips and tricks from other hosts.

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    Sitges Villa Apartment

    If you have good internet consider the Ring doorbell entry system which is very good but one way, we also have a Intel Nuc computer tiny thing running win 10 connected to the hd tv and wireless keyboard and mouse and always on and we can skype or facetime or whatever from our house to the apartment downstairs, I have a tiny webcam built into the top of the tv which i did myself and it really works well, i can ring them and vice versa from anywhere in the world or 20 steps away!!! Our google interactive map works wonders, people click on a link and it takes them somewhere with photos etc,  Also I have done hyperlapses from the airports and to other interesting places for them to either download from our website, facebook or watch on the tv in the apartment, because I am tech savvy and I'm a photographer and videographer I can provide a lot of content electronically but nothing is as good as a nice dry hand shake, if you have damp hands dry them out using 99% alcohol just before you meet them, luckily i dont have that problem but there is nothing worse than a damp handshake. Also on the webcam for those who are concerned about privacy i stuck a little shutter door on the TV so that they dont have to show video and i have built in a privacy system that they can flick a switch which cuts the system out from phoning etc....we also make it clear to them in the welcome manual in case they are worried all they need to do is flick the switch off. Finally if you have a pool clean it every day and make that water sparkle.

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