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    Caroline Crabtree

    I had an experience of this - a cancellation, then another booking dropped in, only for them to instantly cancel - this happened 3 or 4 times (new booking/instant cancellation) then another booking that did "stick". The guests were very unhappy with what they got, complained in 2 A4 pages to me, adding that they felt "duped". I wondered if they had been re-routed (as it were) from a very different property. I ended up giving a large refund - so not a good experience. 


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    I was offered this and didn't accept as didn't fully understand how could pay out risk free without them loosing money. Also have my suspicions on rerouting customers from their chosen B&B especially if that B&B isn't full. :(

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    We received the "Risk Free Reservations" message from on Nov 20, 2017. In December, we had 5 paying guests, 6 cancellations, and 1 no-show. I wonder what invoice for December will show? Have sent two messages to customer service to get details of this program, but have not received any response. In practice, if we get a reservation from, I do not block our Airbnb listing. Unfortunately. the reservation dates are blocked on site, so no one can book those rooms on those dates.

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    Same problem and after one hell of a lot of communication back and forward to try and find an actual policy this is the latest response on 26th June 2018.

    Dear Partner,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    Please allow me to share the following:

    The Risk Free Reservation only covers some reservations, at times. You will see whether a reservation is a part of this, after it has been cancelled by guest. It will clearly state that this reservation (from that point forward) is a part of the Risk Free Reservations and that we will find another guest for you for that date.

    *They cannot tell you what reservations is part of it, so basically a con !*

    I have refused to pay any invoice that has a no show / or cancellation on, if the amounts exceed the total invoice price, and invited to take me to court, would love to shout this to the world

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