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    My common complaints with are 1) Lack of communication with guests which results in NO SHOWS and loss if revenue on NO SHOWS plus claiming of commission by !!
    2) Where is the invoice Dispute Button hidden? I can't locate it.
    3)Advance confirmed bookings with prior knowledge is necessary.
    How not to receive vague unconfirmed bookings? PL advise

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    We are quite new to, but we have had guests staying each weekend since we commenced this year and they have all found our service to be of an exceptional high standard.  We have obtained some good reviews, but others who have tried to send a review unfortunately have found it difficult.  What is the procedure and do ask the guests if they had an enjoyable stay as Air BnB do?  Please forgive me if this posting has nothing to do with the above, but I do not know how to start a new conversation


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    Emma Jennings-Frisby

    Hello.  Do any other properties have problems with guests taking batteries (from wall clocks and remote controls)?  99% of our guests over the last three years have been amazing, however this year we have had 3 different sets of batteries taken, by wonderful guests too.  I now take spares when checking in the apartment, but wondered if anyone had any tips to avoid this happening. 

    Thank you. 

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    Savannapride Marloth

    How do i dispute a commision claim for a cancelled booking?!  Having for the 2nd time dispute a stay where the guest was cancelled long before the booked date and claiming commission for it (again).  cannot locate the blue dispute button that is suppose to be on the reservation statement.  Now also seeing my interaction with the guest is no longer available.

    previous problem on dispute also no feedback if resolved or not.  feeling as if credit control department and booking department does not communicate at all.  kept on receiving claim to commision from credit control even after a few times of advising them to communicate with booking as problem being attended to.

    Please advise 

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