Last minute changes from guests

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    Personally I bite the bullet and adapt to the guests request. It’s not worth stressing over for the few times it happens. I like to make my guests welcome and happy.

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    Apartment Jolie

    Our guests sould be in the first place, somethimes you win and somethimes you dont...

    Enidrichmond you are right




    Iva and Kreso


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    For me if we selling a unit room we will inform nicely to a client , we charge room not a person since we offer the privacy not like it dorm. if you offer the breakfast included we could reduce the price only for the breakfast cost. everyone should be happy with that . 

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    Charming House in Historic Haarlem

    In fairness to all my guests that cancel or make changes, I always try to stick to my cancellation policy.  Otherwise, the more demanding guests get treated more favourably than others.  I tend to look at it this way, if they booked a flight and decided not to take it, would they expect an airline to refund them their money?  We have cancellation and booking policies for a reason and guests need to respect this.  People need to take responsibility of their own planning and booking and cancellation policies are made very clear when they are making the booking.  In fact, with, they have to agree 4-5 time to booking policies and fine print before they complete the booking.

    Always remain polite with your responses, but stand firm.  If they threaten a negative review, you can always contact through the extranet to make them aware that this may happen and they will assure you if unfairly negative reviews are made, they will review them and not have them added to your listing.

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    Charming House in Historic Haarlem

    Sometimes changes and cancellations may occur through to some unforeseeable event.  In such cases, I always tell my guests, that again, in fairness to all guests to receive the same treatment, I tell guests that our cancellation policy is something that we adhere to unless there is extenuating circumstances, such as a unexpected death, serious illness/injury, natural disaster, etc.  If they can provide evidence of such, then I will consider issuing a refund.

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