I have 3 rooms which can be king or twin - how to ensure the booking process tells me the guest preference?

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    Hi Lena,

    Great question. I’ve followed this up with the team at Booking.com and they gave the following advice:

    Ensure your rooms are listed as Twin/Double. Then, under Property > Room details you can choose the alternative bed configuration as seen below. 

    Thanks for posting and forget to share your experience with other partners :)

    Good luck with everything,

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    Magda Encarnacao



    I am not sure what can I be doing wrong as I do not see that "Alternative Arrangement" you have in your picture... Mine looks like this:


    Any idea?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Did that answer your question?

    I think I'm in a similar situation.  I would like guests to need to choose a double or twin configuration before the booking can proceed. 

    I also have a room that can be double plus single or 3 singles - I feel bad when a guest arrives and the room is not ready how they would prefer even though they have not indicated.  

    Did the above suggestion fix this issue for you .  I think I already have alternative configuration loaded but I'm still getting bookings with no preference indicated.



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