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    Hi I have just started with booking .com. I have already got bookings with air bnb and didnt realise I could sync my callender . I got three bookings straight away , all on days I am already booked . I didnt realise the bookings were confirmed automaticaly by booking .com and I dont have the ability to say yes or no to them. I have emailed the guests and cancelled them but now are saying they will take the money out of my next booking??

    Is there anyway to preview a booking before it is confirmed ? and what do I have to pay for cancelling these bookings?

    All advice appreciated.



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    Hi Helen,

    Thanks for posting. This is a common question among partners, so we created articles that explain rejecting reservations and dealing with overbookings in greater detail. You might also want to read on importing/exporting your calendar to sync with other OTAs. 

    Good luck on your partner journey!

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