You're Only As Good As Your Last Review

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    How do you improve if the review is anonymous or they have marked you down but haven't put why?

    We have just had an anonymous review and its title was Superb.  However, we were marked 7.5 for location and 7.5 for staff, but no comments. Not only are the marks contradictory to the title, but we have not got a clue what the issue was with location or staff. What is the point? 

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    Hi Shirley I have come to the conclusion that many guest reserve on price even though the property might not be to their taste as example I have Victorian property that is decorated to suit the style which often younger guest do not like so will mark you down on this alone.last weekend had two young guest stay we are extremely warm and helpful to guest helping them park car carrying luggage to room and engaging with them.

    Two days after departure receive a review of 5 out of 10 for every category yet almost every guest comments on cleanliness  good breakfast and very friendly staff.Such a shame these people just can not be more realistic instead of champagne taste on beer money.

    And yes left scores with no comments so unable to reply 

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     "So do everything you can to make it as good, or better than the last"


    Believe me no matter what you do for some people if they are going to write a poor review they will

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