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    Aaltje B.

    Yahoo! Thank you, - Received my reward in the mail, from the Netherlands. Familiar ground, hehe. 

    I placed my sticker on the back of the glass window in my front door, so everyone can see, no pressure :) And the A4 sized reward went info my big information folder that sits on the table when guests arrive.

    Honestly, I think it's in my blood, LOVE hosting! 

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    Aaltje B.

    Thank you so much, Michael. 


    It feels really good to be rewarded. 

    I'm pretty stoked!   




    Aaltje B. 

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    Aaltje B.

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    Aaltje B.

    Congratulations for Villakostro!  

    Celebrate your reward, you deserve it!  :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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    Delighted to receive my 9.4 review award cert this evening (my mail man delivers between 1pm lunch time and 3pm).  Yes it was bent but it's not too bad, and anyway a frame will straighten it out when I hang it up and proudly display it in my B&B .. :D  REALLY CHUFFED - THANKS B.COM :)))

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    M Adamopoulou

    Incredible serie Michael. WOW!!! again and again. Wish you get over 100 and much more. Hard work always pays off...

    Great news this week!!!

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    M Adamopoulou

    Katerinka12 what a surprise. I missed you so much. Hope you share some exciting news with us...

    I have learnt so many things from you indeed.  Your writing and humour are unbeatable. We need some laughs here so we can live as much more as possible... Have a look at my listing and you will see that I have followed your suggestions. Nice pictures with more light, breakfast, food, drinks. Thanks again for your helpful comments and friendly critisism. I have seen the review reward in most hotels I have been. Definitely we have to frame our reward and put it up high so can everybody can see it. Also we can share it in fb, instagram etc....

    Joey thanks a lot for congratulating me. I like very much your suggestion  about awards on listings. Lets start sending  feedbacks. Its a great idea...Are you the Joey with the mediterranean temperament or are you the Joey in Alpes now? 

    Have a nice weekend...

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    Tony Chaar

    Thank you Laura, thank you,

    Our property is 18 month old, we are not only glad to win the guest review awards for 2018, we are very pleased to work with such a partner and the team behind it, without them we couldn't have been better in this position.

    Greatly Appreciated :)

    Tony Chaar


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    First year, first award - Great! 

    How about making it easier to extract files,print etc.  Difficult enought to access the ZIP file in the first instance.

    My word version produces hyroglyphics and no printable document.  The "winner.GIF" when opened with Quicktime player and windows products don't show the name of my property!!! Unscrupulous users could forward the doucment to other hosts.

    PNGs are not the easiest or most relevant files to be provided with either

    There's value for you for a year's hard work!!

    In the words of Mr Trump, "disappointing"

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    Thank you for the nice surprise. we received a 9.7 score award. We are thrilled to say the least as we are new on the market.  We do our utmost to please all our guests and we also make sure that our house is spotlessly clean all the time.

    We are expecting the printed copy of the award any day now.  Does it come in a package that shows 'do not bend' as our letterbox is an old style of box and not very big and my concern is that the post person may bend or fold the certificate to post it in the box.  


    Daniel and Clinon

    Villa Kiostro - Malta (EU)


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    M Adamopoulou

    I have posted mine also in Facebook and Instagram. 

    Congratulations to everyone...

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    Congratulations to you all on your awards. I'm sure you all work very hard to achieve great reviews from guests, even to the point of asking for 10/10 reviews ( yes that is a norm in the system). I personally don't ask for accolades.

    My difficulty with the system is that I have 5 different styles of accommodation for which guests leave ratings.

    The most significant problem I have identified over a period of time is this - Guests choose the cheepest accommodation for their stay, then complain it did not have all the features and amenities they would like - when they could have chosen a different style of accommodation on the property and had all they needed - THUS we get rated down. The system is not really fair to us.

    For example: they will choose the spa studio room $145 which does not have a lounge room nor a kitchen (which the listing explains) then complain, because they would like these amenities, and mark us down. They could have chosen the fully self contained apartment for $170 and had everything they needed.

    But we are content with our "winner"  8.5 rating which is up slightly on last year.. You see it is very easy to gain top marks for just one room/ apartment/studio but a huge challenge to get guests to choose the correct accommodation for their needs and rate it accordingly. 

    Best of luck to you all for the coming year.


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    Hi all.

    We are very grateful to the team for the excellent work and the permanent help they give us to improve.

    The Guest Review Award is a good incentive for all of us and we hope to reach a better score by working with greater dedication so that our clients always feel comfortable.


    Congratulations to the winners .. !!

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    i am Kishor from Srilanka having low budget guest house in centre of  Srilanka i would like congratulate all the winners of award for 2018


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    Hi, this is my first time receiving Guest Review Awards, congratulate to everyone who received it too. I have inquiry here, may I know how do they normally post out the hard copy? Is it by normal mail without signature or Express Mail with signature? I ask because the mail box outside the house is just for normal small mail, not suitable for big parcel. So if we need to sign before receiving the parcel, then it's good as we can take it on the spot from the person without putting it outside the house. Another question I would like to know is the content inside this parcel for 1st time receiver. Are there any frame inside for us to hang the certificate/award on the wall? What else will be included? Thanks.

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    Wind valley Homestay

    We also got awarded and that too second year in a row. Thanks to team . 

    wind valley homestay

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    Just a question. Last year we received a award for a rating of 9.6. Our rating this year has stayed the same but our award is now for 9. Are you rounding off this year?

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    Luciano (Lou)

    We at Arena Blanca Holiday Home are very new to this business and we are extremely happy of having been awarded such a recognition, therefore I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the awards recipients and  thank for such a great initiative and recognition to us all  for putting so much dedication and commitment into our businesses.

    Our story is:

    Because the glorious location with many white sand beaches at our door step, we built the house as our holiday home back in 1985 and we designed it into 3 section/apartments for when parents or other family members got together in the house, however it was intended to be separate but connected and practical for when a large number of family members gathered, which was the case during most summers and specially during the Christmas, Easter and school holidays.

    But, as most holidays homes when family extends to a 3rd generation, due to today’s social and work commitments the usage by family members is reduced and, in our case, it was to the point where the apartments were unoccupied for up to 6+ months at the time, therefore we explored the option of selling the property but, as a trial we decided to list the apartments with absolutely no expectations due to the large number on BNBs in our geographical location, but to our pleasant surprise, we received bookings almost on the next day and we now have the apartments boked months in advanced into 2020 and we are loving the experience of meeting some great people and having the opportunity to share our holiday home with others whist generating some very healthy income.

    Robyn and I are hands-on and plan to continue enjoying the short-term holiday rental experience as long as we can. By the way we are in the process of building another studio apartment onto the property by next summer.

    Luciano (Lou) Casmiri

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    I received a reward, BUT it has the wrong score!!!!!!

    Very upset and demotivated by this error. How do I get it rectified???

    No obvious way to contact the right BDC department.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    This award is really important and help us a lot. Thank you.

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    Iam so proud to recieve my frist guest review award. I am so thankful to my guests for taking time to give me their views. I take these seriously and have been upgrading our Lodge based on their feedback. Most of my guests come back and acknowledge the changes I have made based on their inputs. This make them partners in growing my business -just like Booking.Com is partnering with me.

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    Thanks M. Will do so!


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    Marie van Rensburg

    Congratulations EVERYONE!!!

    I never thought I would enjoy our guesthouses quite as much as I do! Meeting and greeting people from all over the world has been amazing. I have been able to keep in contact with many, and they feel like family. (Having returned two or three times!) The most wonderful thing that I have experienced, is how often guests will leave giving a hug, with a big "Thank you!", thank you for acknowledging the hard work and dedication that we have been put in to make our guesthouses what they are. We appreciate it enormously.

    Kind regards

    Marie and Briers

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    S Dahleh

    Dear Laura
    We feel honored to be presented with this achievement and having one of the highest review scores on We would like to give a warm thank you. We will be diligent throughout 2019 to assure that all of our guests have the best stay possible
    but please note that we have won an award of booking review in 2017 but we didn't receive the package in march 2018 , so please confirm, if can we receive the packages together , 2018 and 2017 and please clarify how the awards will be delivered to our hotel .
    Thanks in advance


    Lujain Hotel

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi S Dahleh and Marie van Rensburg, congratulations on two years of consistently high reviews! Our 2017 awards are no longer available, however you can find your 2018 award here. The physical awards are on the way, so start thinking about where you'll place it! :)

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    M Adamopoulou

    Celebrating never ends...

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    Lodumo Guesthouse

    Woow........Laura ....I can't believe I am one of the winners,I am so chuffed.I am determined to work ever harder in 2019.
    Thank you very much.

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    We got a 9.6 this year which is our highest score. What did we do differently? Well, for us it is all about detail. Detail and generosity- all of our guests receive a complimentary pack of Bubbles, Chocolates, Tea, Freshly Ground Coffee, Local Milk, Toiletries, Firewood, Kindling, Matches, and Firestarters. We make every experience a great one for our guests. Yes, their small indoor pets are also very welcome. Congratulations to you all, and all the very best for 2019! :D

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    M Adamopoulou

    Congratulations to everyone!!

    Milinmpatel underneath of your reward featuring in the Representing Guest Review Awards 2018  there is a download button.  You click and download. Save in your pictures file in your computer and then you can post it in your social media.

    Hope I have been of help...

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    Journeys End

    Thank you both for your advice, you are right its just sometimes there is no reason at all behind it and against the other reviews of course they look a bit strange.  Our place will not suit everyone this I understand and is normal but for those it does they see what I saw when I first came and love it here.  I do answer and always calmly and thank for taking the time if the critic is helpful to change things too.  So lovely though to have your kindness and support and many tips are helpful from many of you so thank you again......

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