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    welcome to the forum.

    I would suggest you look into the help section of how to sync your calendar which imho is a good place to start!

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    I had exactly the same problems at first and once recently - a very complicated system perhaps more geared towards a hotel with paid staff to operate - however I can not fault Booking.com staff when I have asked their help - they have got back to me with a few hours and sorted out the overbooking problem - which may have been my fault in trying to change calender. At first it is a headache but one eup and running pretty good and the bookings I have had are very very appreciated - was with air B'n'B but they are terrible and all bookings dropped off with them 3 months ago so thanks booking.com

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    Thanks so much. I live in fear of double booking 😀it’s like being back at school !
    The calendar sync with Airbnb does not seem to work...

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    Yeah been there - I keep my own big diary and as soon as I get a booking on one of their diaries I update the other - then add to big material one - was a bit of a pain at first but after a while (I suspect when I put my prices up a fiver) you get used to it. Not sure if one site looks at the other and gets the hump when you go with another but as soon as I started with booking.com the booking for air B'n'B booking dried up and only had 3 in last three months ! However my house is now full every weekend till June so can't complain - although too many cancellations which is a pain - all best Richie 

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