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    The funny thing is, he managed to write a review and did give us a 7.1 which I thought he would never go that high, giving the arguments we had with him over his behavior. 

    My assistant and the cleaners laughed for days talking about the 7.1 review score we've gotten from him, it still kills me laughing every time we talk about it at work. 

    My cleaning girls told us, he asked if she knew how to cook rise the chines way, and when she said no she don't know, she said, he told her she make not good wife, hehehe 

    She didn't mention before, she just didn't want any trouble giving his attitude at the time. 

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    Oh Georgeboujaoude, I laughed so much reading your latter comment about him telling the cleaning girls they would not make a good wife because they can't cook traditional Chinese food LOL! 

    He sounds a nightmare on the proprietary side, but culturally, I can see why he would have done that.. he was improvising without any thought to the damage he was causing, or the potential fire risk. I love different cultures, all incredible. I come from a background of English, Irish and Russian Jew, but also was raised in different cultures such as middle-eastern and Jamaican/West Indian and Indian so have a very good basic understanding of those cultures.  When there's a discourse, it can get pretty heated, very high impassioned ("I will invoke the heavens to blow out your roof!" but, there's no grudge and it's finished ("I see you the same date next month!".  When two Westerners argue over something, grudges are held and it's all out war that not even a cup of tea can resolve ;-)  I am, of course, joking with that last comment. 


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    Wow I guess we're very lucky his our second commedient if you well in 5 years, that's not too bad, but I sure hope we dont get many of them. 

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    I just came across your posts and thought I would let you know that when a guest has misbehaved or damaged your place, you can click on the "Report Guest Misconduct" button in your reservation.  This will allow you to not only convey the matter to but can be a way for you to claim damages. would normally ask you if they should follow up with the guest and/or ensure they are unable to book your accommodation again in the future. are very helpful in this regard.


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