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    Put "bed and breakfast" in your title

    As an option you can also put text on pictures to bring attention to your working hours and accommodation type.

    Send your House rules together with welcome message.

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    I do all that. I have a welcoming message explaining what a bed and breakfast is. Same for house rules. Nothing has worked, except with Northern Europeans that know exactly what it is and appreciate the standing...

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    Cultural misunderstandings do always happen.

    Did you write "Please, manage your expectations when you book Bed and Breakfast at $24"?

    "We strictly follow Booking rules and local standards. Please, do not expect:
    - breakfast at night. Our hours for food delivery xxx
    - sorry, no special diet requests

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    I do not mind the special diet or other requests, but they have to give me the heads up. They cannot expect me to run a supermarket/pharmacy together with the B&B! I have a dedicated breakfast room with a fridge, kettle and oven, as well as dishes, cutlery, etc.. I explain to the guests, when they arrive, that they may buy food and have it in the fridge which is for their exclusive use. It is not cultural misunderstanding, it is a matter of plain education and good manners.


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