Sitges Villa Apartment

Hi My name is Neil Scott, My wife and I have lived here for 18 years and I am now retired but my wife is still working as a Nursery Teacher in a local international school. We moved here after the rush in London and decided we had had enough of the city life and wanted something more quiet. We live in a beautiful area in the foothills of the Sitges vineyards and its famous Malavisa wine. We love the weather here, we have of 300 days of sunshine due to the local mountain range. Were here for you.

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    Sitges Weather

    Sitges Weather We have our own eco system due to the mountains behind us, it gives us at least 300 days of sunshine. Rainy months can be bits February, April and bits of September Cold Months end o...

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    Sitges Important dates, February Carnival August Fiesta Major, Fireworks are always 3 week in the month round on the 23 August Always whatever years they are fantastic and a good selling point. loa...

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    Listing your house

    This site is incredibly difficult to use if you only have one property to rent, nearly every time i have had to make a reservation i have had to call for help, the site is designed for hotels and y...

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    Car hiring in Spain and Valet parking in the UK

    Just a quickie for those of thinking of going abroad this summer, make sure your UK car insurance covers other drivers if you opt for off site parking as they may collect and move the car, damage i...

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    a warning for Brits in Europe.

    Remember if you are relying on your European health card for medical cover it only covers you for costs in social security hospitals not private hospitals so if you have to go to hospital do not le...

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    I have recently joined and had problems, i imported my calendar from home and away and it then showed every other date as closed , i deleted the imported calendar and it still shows every date as c...