Access to credit card info - extend the time limit to checkout date

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    I can see your arguments as valid and I can see how this would be easier for us as partners to have access to credit card details when needed and I like your idea that it should be accessible only couple of times. 

    But also I understand that it is a large company and they must be afraid of breach of security. There were bigger companies in the past that got their customer details stolen from hackers so from Bookings point of view I can also see this as shift of responsibility: from them to partners. 

    I think it is good that details are accessible at the moment of reservation since I pre-authorize each credit card to see if it is valid or not. 

    Also interested to hear from others :)

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    I agree with Ramon.  I'm new to using as a site for my vacation rental and I didn't know that credit card details self deleted.  My plan is not to charge my guests until the Free Cancellation period is over - which is 2 weeks before check in.  This way it's less hassle for me to return their money if they cancel.  So, I was just looking at all my reservations for summer and now all those guests' credit card information is gone.  I guess what I'll need to do from now on is copy and paste their credit card info into a document of  my own, which like Ramon said - this isn't as secure. But if I don't record it right away, then I won't have it when needed. In the meantime, now I have to get all these previously booked guests' credit card info again - that's going to be awkward.  I really wish took care of the guests' payment and security deposits like VRBO/HomeAway, AirBnB & Trip Advisor does.  It's sooo much better that way. 

    Also, I don't understand pre-authorizing.  Does that mean you can run the card and perhaps put a future date in for actually charging the card? 


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    Marcel Chiappori

    I completely agree!

    IN addition to that I have several customers who don‘t indicate their CVC and I‘m unable to charge the guests...quite often even after they checked out and they disappear without paying...

    We need the full details until we have successfully charged our customers...

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