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    Pita Lie

    You might want to set up a payment getaway so you can charge customers' cards prior to their arrival. Paypal is one of the examples. Merry Christmas! 

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    Vaijanti Haldankar22

    I agree about paypal but many guests say we have credit card attached to our booking you charge us from that
    But how can we charge through credit card number and expiry date?

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    Pita Lie

    Hi Vaijanti

    If you do not eager to use paypal, then you can apply to your bank to obtain payment getaway that enable you to charge customers credit cards like most of us here. Here in Malaysia we have credit card machine with CNP (card not present)/ enabled hence we can charge card with credit card number and expiry date prior to their arrival dates as set up in policy. Every country has different policy. Some examples other than paypal will be: 

    • 2Checkout (
    • WorldPay
    • CIM (tokenization)
    • Sage Pay
    • Payson
    • Payer
    • APCO
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    ashish kumar bist

    same problem i face many india many guest dont have credit card and also they didnt reply the message on and his phone number.shown on allways switch this condition how can we take prepayment from guest.if we have no prepayment they can be no show and we have loss of some money.please help.

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    I am not sure if someone at reads these messages, but it is clear that it is a world wide problem. Therefore I believe that together with us, hey should provide a kind of payment security for us by asking for banking information (credit card) or so or have the guest pay to so that they pay us back later like Expedia does. That will prevent a no show no pay

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    i collected more than 10 NO SHOWS in last 4 months ,nothing received for these reservations even says 100% payment in the case of no show,but had to pay commission for 1 booking because i forgot to mark it as a no show within 48 hrs, frustrating ,

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    Very frustrating... no show no charge... I had less no shows since I changed the payment policy so guests started to leave me their credit card details, like that guests are afraid as they think that I can charge their credit card but in reality I do not have any credit card machine.

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    Please device a way of charging clients on the booking time, deduct your commission and pay your partners in return to avoid these issues of no show no pay.

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    I am having the same problem. All these bookings seem to add the remard ***DO NO CHARGE CREDIT CARD*** refuses to do anything about this and, although I have now updated my policies, my calendar is full of bookings I am certain will not show up, or pay.

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    Well, I had another no-show yesterday. Called the person and they just simply decided not to come, without cancellation. I have a cancellation policy but they don't care because they know that not showing up has no consequences. has done nothing about this since my first message in September last year so I guess they don't read this blog. Frustrated and angry.

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    Has anyone had any correspondence with about this problem? We pay enough commission for bookings, the least the can do is pay out or even assist with paying out no-shows, this would in turn force then to clamp down on the process. It's extremely annoying when this happens.


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    Unbeilable frustrating and amazing Booking does nothing about it.

    I just had a person no showing up and I lost good business because this is a big holiday weekend in Mexico and lots of people coming but thanks to the one I accepted and didn't show up I lost them now.

    I don't think I can continue working with Booking under this situation. 

    Airbnb clearly is the way to go, no hassles everything works fine and guests are very reliable.

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    Da Hawk

    Absolutely agree, this is so ridiculous, Guest from India booked my apartment for 1 week, and didnt show up, didn't replied and ignored my phone calls. Money lose!!! should prevent such things, secure the hosts from such unreliable guests. Like Airbnb does. Remember that your clients are hosts who pays you a fee, not the guests, securing our business, you secure your business. So please do smth, fine that unreliable guests, do not let them to book until they pay a fine or whatever, pay some compensation to hosts.

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    Morib Cozy Escape

    Yup I’m having the same frustration her. Guests are just booking and cancelling for fun without any consequences. Of cos they love using . Some even walk into the room on arrival day, decided didn’t like the room and walked off. I bet they have few reservations at hand. Property owners are not protected at all. If I choose prepayment option, guests won’t booked at my place at all and will opt for no prepayment properties. Either way, the owners are at losing end

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    Jarlpermentier should ban users who had two no-shows without paying. I know they would just make another account but at least they ‘d have to go trough all the hassle. Don’t let them make a new account with the same email address linked to it for example.

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    I have been hosting on AirBnB and have been very happy with it. First time hosting on, my first two reservations are no show, credit card number is invalid, fake phone numbers, so no show, no pay. And worst thing is does nothing about this. I don't think I'll be using their services anymore!

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    Hello everyone .

    I read all your coments here and all i can suggest from my part as a small hotelier and host of a few apartaments from 3 years in is this :
    1-Dont tolerate any of the booking made at your property from .
    When did you find neccesary pre-authorize all the credit cards of the bookings for the full amount , deposite or partial amount depending of your policy of cancelation .
    The secrets is that pre-authorization its not a charge/purchase/payment , its a temporary block of money made at a credit card , that you have the possibility to charge it after in case of no shows , cancelation agains policy of your cancelation .

    At your property page , if you see carefuly , its writte ,
    "This property accept this type of credit cards , Mastercard , Visa, Paypal ...... "The property reserve the right to temporarly hold an amount prior to arrival ."

    So , use this on your benefits , pre-authorize the credit cards , with your merchant POS or via PayPal Account (paypal has a few opsions that you can pre-authorize a credit card , not charging a credit card , but pre-authorize by blocking/rezerving an amount on credit card )

    So my advise is to pre-authorize all the credit cards , no tolerance , no mercy , its your money.

    As my hotels , apartaments are in different turistic city , from my part i have suggested my staff , let them book, after a period when its almost full booked , firts days of june especially , i check all the credit cards to pre-authorize them for full amount , 1 or 2 months prior to arrival . There are a few of them with invalid credit cards , i mark them as invalid credit cards , they get the notifications to update credit card , who update the credit card with a new one that works we pre-authorize , who does not update after next 24 hours i canceled them becouse maybe its someone else who want to book us . For a client who has a canceled rezervation and want to go to holidays , he has not the time to see if there are other properties avaiable to book , becouse they are full booked already with the same problems , in a small time they will came back and book again the same room , will put an valid credit card and you can pre-authorize by blocking an amount at their credit card for your rezervation quickly , easy , without any problem .

    Why i suggest this way ?
    Please see this video carrefully of CEO of at minutes 14:57 -15:25 at this link

    She, Gillian Tans , Ceo of, smile when the interviewer tell "i love when you booked and after you can cancel your booking for free" --this means also for no-shows they are the same, canceled booking no meney , becouse they have desing it to protect just the customers who make a booking on their website , they dont care for us , they care just for customers who use Booking , becouse they know that they will made another rezervation on becouse client has use once this website why not to use it again , also if they dont show at properties , in the end they will win their commission from other properties where the client is already accomodated and in the end the only one who will lose is you , that didnt pre-authorize , didnt protect your money .
    At my country its a very popular phrase ,"if you want to prediction the snake movements , see the head where is going " .

    I take more then 10 phone calls everyday from Booking Customer Service , about asking that the guest has call us and might have been charge , and i answered very happy , "no they have been pre-authlrize for the full amount to check their credit card details , sufficient of money ...ect .The pre-authorization its not a charge is a temporary hold of money to check the credit card details , balance ... The money stay at credit card but blocked , cardholder can not use them , you can not charge without any reason " The pre-authorization will remain valid until we decide to cancel it , we cancel it just  for free cancel rezervations  . So in the end no problems with cancelation agains the policy of cancelation or no shows becouse i can charge them for full . And all the guests came one by one at check in day , a lot of them a few hours before check in time is close , and i am very happy that finaly i did with this type of clients and with my love merchat POS that keeps the pre-authorization active more then 60 days :))))

    So my advice is dont waste your time by calling  , be patience , think smart , pre-authorize , and the money are protected .

    Best Wishes to all of you .

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    I am not sure if anyone is still following this thread but I though I would offer my advice on this topic. I learned early on that takes no responsibility for collecting payments, fees or penalties from customers. Their position is that they are simply the conduit for putting potential guests and hotels in contact with each other and it is the job of the hotel (B&B, villa, etc.) to collect payment and enforce policies. It is different than other sites we usually work with so I learned this lesson the hard way a couple of times before changing my operations to accommodate this position.

    For me the answer was to send a message to the customer immediately asking them for a deposit. I have my policies set up that a deposit equal to the first night's stay is required or the booking will be cancelled. If the customer does not reply within 24 hours I then attempt to contact them by telephone (I require telephone information to be provided for booking) and also send another message. If the phone number that was provided is invalid, which happens sometimes, I then take that as an immediate signal that the reservation isn't valid and request a cancellation at that time. If they do not pay the deposit or at least contact me by the deadline I provide them in my initial message then I have cancel the reservation for not paying the deposit. Another strategy I employ, because is very slow in responding to cancellation requests (sometimes up to a week later), I go to my inventory and increase my inventory so that the room is available for others to book immediately. When the cancellation is finally processed by I then go back into my calendar and reduce the inventory for those dates. It is a pain to have to do this but it has been effective in reducing no shows and people that really aren't interested in staying but were simply "testing out options". 

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    Casaar- indeed a good idea however as you said very slow but you still managed to do extra inventory so your room is available right away.

    I had been through all this and the best way to get paid for cancellations is to get to take all the payments. In that case when a guest book your room charges accordingly...

    Best regards

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    Misa Premovic

    I had the same problem yesterday. And my property is 200 km far from me, so I needed to organize my trip in order to be there for my guests. And they didn't show up. Yet, I didn't get paid, even though booking claims that in that case, host will get paid. It is frustrating to see how many people have the same problem for such a long time and yet, booking does nothing to solve it. This is termination of contract and it should be sanctioned by law. 

  • we get 100% payment up front when they book.

    100% non refundable reservations.

    simple.  solves lots of problems.


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    Mabond do you get 100% up front?

  • hello Mabond.


    get their credit card details or debit card, make them pay when they book, via your Eftpos.

    NO payment = NO booking.

    Bookings are NOT refundable as well.


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    It's the only way to go with false bookings rising alarmingly in occurrence. 

    We changed our policies for high season = full payment & no refund with booking.

    Low season = non-refundable deposit with booking & no-shows 100% charge.

    Keeps the pests away!

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