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    Plaifah Resort Ubon

    Our FIRST Award !

    We worked really hard for the past year and finally we are able to receive some love from our beloved guest :) a big thumbs up from PLAIFAH RESORT UBON - THAILAND 

    It’s time to work more better for this Year, Let’s do it !

    ps. Download Link worked perfectly, please try it again. We had just downloaded it.

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    We have the same issue as many above- while we received an email, when trying to download the digital certificate it says we did not receive an award this year.


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    Plaifah Resort Ubon

    Well here in Thailand, the digital download link is working and we had downloaded the certificate. For other countries may be it takes time or there might be a glitch. Just wait for couple of hours more or you may simply raise your query to booking partner support. 


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    Selam Darsema

    same here, we couldn't download


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    Hello Brooke,

    what do you mean by "Your award package will arrive in the mail before April."

    Do you mean that we will receive package by e-mail or by post mail?

    I'm a little confused if this award is just to share in social networks/websites or you will send printed award by post mail and I will be able to put it somewhere in my apartment so guests can see my reward.



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    This guests award reviews is the same ever each year..1 person that have 5 reviews and 8.0 is possible that receive 1 award? this award is given to most of the facilities in the world there are already more than 15.000 posts on instangram,for me is absurd! not existe one signatures of the person delivering the award, an important phrase,nothing..if you receive it for the second year you do not receive it at innovation..I reported the problem to the headquarters but nothing,disappointment!

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    Giuseppe Aliprandi

    Hello I received the email saying I have won the prize, but then whan i go to download it I get a text sayng "appears you have not been awarde this year...."

    Somebody can help me?

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    Sarah Golds

    We are so thrilled with our Guest Review Award 2017!

    We are a guest house in Newlands, Cape Town, and have been operating for 18 months and on for one year.  Our main focus has been to create a home from home atmosphere for guests and over the months we have met amazing and diverse people.  It gives us a huge amount of satisfaction to know that when guests leave us, that they have had a special and memorable time here.

    A big thanks has to go to the team for their fabulous support during the year and for helping us achieve our goals.


    Sarah and John (Newlands Guest House)


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    I have the same issue as others.  Received the email, excitedly logged in and it says that I didn't get an award.  What gives!

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    Shola Adeyemo

    We can't download the award after receiving a congratulatory email from!!!

    Transcorp Hilton Abuja 

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    Everywhere it tells me I can download a digital version of the award but this is not true nothing I do brings up the award ?

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    Thanks to our wonderful guests who submitted the reviews and mostly a huge thank you to our staff for looking after our guests. We couldn't do it with out them.

    (Unable to download award just yet too)

    Sang Tong Huts

    Mae Hong Son


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    Similar problem to other - I can't even download the Award as there is no link... just an email & page saying we have been awarded - any suggestions?


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    We have also received the email but then it says we haven't received an award, Whats going on?

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm very happy to share the news: Douro View Apartment won the Guest Review Award for 2017. I couldn't be happier as this is a confirmation that our Guests do love their stay with us and that all our work pays off.

    It's a lot of work, yes. It's quite demanding, yes. It's a lot of responsibility, yes. But when we do something we love to do and put our heart in it, it's worth it.

    Congratulations to all that have won the Award and keep up the efforts for those who didn't.

    Thank you for the Award! :-)

    Douro View Apartment
    Gaia/Porto - Portugal

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    Hey guys,


    We are having the same problem and would love to download the digital copy before our pack arrives so that we can share it on social media!


    So made up that we received the award for 2017 after 6 months of business operation.


    Many Thanks


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    Congratulate all winners! And thank You for making my day happy with this notice.

    It is our first award since we started in July 2016.

    Our positive energy, open hearts, good will and lots of smile find the way to our guests and we have been awarded for that.

    Wish you all the best in 2018!


    Dijana Bučić

    Apartments Harmony

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    Very pleased to have won this!

    The team at Perricoota Vines Retreat

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    Hi All

    Greeting from the very sunny Ramsgate Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa

      Positano Lodge is the proud Recipiant of the Guest Review 2017

    I would like to Thank all my Guest that visited and stayed with us and went back and gave such a positive feed back

    Thank you Thank you

    Also to Booking .com  I am happy to be a partner with you

    Your Service is excellent and your Consultants are a pleasure to talk to every single one  is friendly and helpfull     

    The Award was A great way to start the New Year 2018

     Many thanks

    Verona / POSITANO LODGE                                                         

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    Guest Review Award

    We are delighted to learn that Stocks Hotel on the great British Channel Island of Sark has been awarded this accolade.

    We have followed all the various links and instructions because we would like to download and share the news via our various social media channels, however we cannot access our award.

    Please can you advise us?


    Paul Armorgie

    Stocks Hotel



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    Malee Na07

    i have problem as same problem

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    Hello, I received the email for the award, clicked on the link, then it tells me I have no award ?

    My reviews are higher then last year and I won an award last year ?

    Thank you for your time, have a great day.

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    K Wangnoo

    I have same problems as others above

    Farah's Homestay. Sonamarg. Kashmir. India.

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    Thank you

                 we are so fortunate to receive this best hospitality award of 2017.  We are thankful  to , it has been a privilege working with  you. And especially we thank our wonderful guests from different places for their valuable reviews. we hope that we can continue to provide the best  hospitality in future.                                                                            with regards 

                                                                              prerna chettri

                                                                             BATASIALOOP HOME STAY



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    It's fixed now for us. Re-try using the original email link. :)

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    Elisa22 5

    Residence Ondas do mar Taiba Brazil
    We have the same problem

    Please let you know something!

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    Wendy Irene Cawsey

    Thank you Karri Me Home Luxury Bed and Breakfast in Margaret River is looking forward to receiving the gift in the mail as promised. We are so grateful for your support and encouragement. We receive 10 out of 10 from all our guests and feel great that our efforts have been recognised.

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    Dear All,

    Greetings of the day!!

    It surely is a great moment oj joy & pride for the entire team of Kelly's and hence we would like to thank you each of our team member in achieving this recognition yet one more time and in extending their best service to our valued guests to make them feel special.

    Alos, many thanks to our valued guests firstly, in choosing to stay at Kelly's and secondly in appreciating their experience at Kelly's with us.

    Lastly, big thanks to for their efforts in conducting and monitoring such reviews and acknowleding the partners for their achievements, this truly helps us in encouraging & inspiring all of us 

    Warm regards,

    Rajiv Kohli @ Kelly's Residency, Phuket - Thailand


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    Since the day we started, it has been a tough journey because I did everything by myself. Still I find it's interesting to serve our guests the best I can. What I believe is this is not a business and it's not all about money. Serving guests is something we should do by our heart and and my utter motivation is to let them feel like home and I'm a part of their family too. So I believe I achieved it and thank you so much for the support. I wouldn't have made it this far if it hadn't been for you. My one hand is you and the other are the guests. It's a pleasure to win the Guest Review Award 2017 and thank you so much for the recognition.
     Lalani [''ROSES COTTAGE'', Bandarawela, Sri lanla
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    Hello !

    An email informed me of a Digital Guest Review Award and I can not find it with my id.

    Can you help me, please ?

    ID : 699660

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