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    Blagoje Supic

    Hi, had a same problem today. Received email but nothing on pulse app.

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    Lisa jones

    Same issue here Tynewyddholidays! Have contacted customer service yesterday, but no reply. So frustrating! It happened before and said that we shouldn't be relying on Pulse - instead we should be using the extranet and Pulse is just an additional extra. Completly impractical in this modern day,

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    My message said to uninstall and re-install and like you use a computer with the extranet.

    For me the app is so handy as the bookings are received long before my phone is advised of an email and so it can be added to our diary on freetobook.

    By the way have the uninstall etc but until I get a message, booking etc how do I know it is working?

    I suppose having only 2 rooms to manage we find it easy to mange and an overbooking is going to be unlikely

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    Lisa jones

    just had this reply: seems they are working on it!


    Good Morning,

    Thank you for making us aware of this problem, this seems to be a bug and we have had a lot of reports of the same issue over the weekend. This is being looked into urgently and hopefully resolved as soon as possible, we do ask that you check that the app is the latest and up to date version and all notifications are turned on in settings. 

    Sorry for any inconvenience 


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    Corinne Orde

    I had same problem. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled Pulse, but Saturday's booking still doesn't show up in Pulse! Another weird thing that happens is that the guest name for a particular booking is sometimes not the same in Pulse as it is in Extranet. I suspect it depends on whether the guest/booker is the same person as the credit card holder, but it is very confusing as it makes you think you've doubled-booked.

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    Ivan Stankovic Iki

    No notifications here also! ... Is this about to be resolved any time soon? Talking about Pulse for iPhone

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    I uninstalled and re-installed as suggested.

    The app is working but not as it did before, tells me there are 2 items when in fact there is only one and then repeats later in the day.

    other than that I don't know what is happening as I haven't had time to ask the powers that be.

    Keep us posted with how you are getting on

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    Lia V.

    Does anybody know what happened with this bag? My Pulse shows the reservation but I didn't get any notification when it happened! 

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    I am not getting notifications on Pulse, only emails. I've checked all settings, re installed, and customer service says it is phone settings which I have checked.  Any suggestions from others that had this happen?  Thanks.

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    I have de same problem since i have a new phone On my Huawei y6 2018 I get no sound with a notification. I don't see any solution of this problem. Please help the app is useless now!!!

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