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    Asad Chaudary

    In the notification area on the right side of the main homepage, there is a section "Visit the Ranking on Site page". If you click there, it should give you an idea how your property is ranked.

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    That feature is ridiculous at best - it tells me how I rank compared to 3 other properties in my area. Just bypass the whole system and don't ket BDC know who you are. I feel cheated when I'm signed in and they tell me that I am ranking high so the commission I pay and the 'offers'  they keep pushing on me are working. 

    Just google BDC and you will see some of the practices which they employ, Don't get me wrong - I love BDC but at least BDC should give me real facts.


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    I'd like to know how to refine the search categories. My house is in Spain and Spanish people select "casa rural" in the serach criteria. My house is a "casa rural" but doesn't come up in the search. It should probably translate to other languages such as "gite" in French.

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