What is the best way to say "Thank you" to guests?

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  • Dear Robert,

    Here is what I do. 

    I have a complex (yet easy to use) PMS, which allows me to create guest profiles and make specific guest discount codes, which they can use to get certain add-ons to their stay or a discount from the total price of their reservation.

    If you don't have a system like that and they book directly with you, you can add them to a spreadsheet and whenever they book, you can follow-up on what you want to give them extra.

    It's really up to you, what you can spend on guest appraisal. I don't know your financials so I cannot really advise you on this.

    We, however give the following:

    - after 7 nights stay, 1 night free

    - free minibar items

    - 10%-30% discount depending on the length of stay

    - free airport pick-up

    - pick-up, drop off service

    - welcome packages (wine, chocolate, flowers, etc.)


    Hope that helps,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    you can offer stay 3 pay 2 or stay 2 pay 1 offer if they book next time.

    If you manage to get their birthday or anniversary details you can offer free stay or the same I mentioned above.

    Or you can send a gift to them. something which reminds your place and the town/city your property is located. 


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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for this topic! These are great ideas to implement.

    You might also be interested in this conversation about Thank You Cards.


    Happy posting!

    - Laura

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    Dawn Oliver

    For a small little B&B I run I try to say thank you by making their stay enjoyable and hearing that they will tell

    their friends about us.

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    For our best guests we will make a special evening meal for them (foc of course) to eat with us and have a good chat.
    Sometimes this involves some booze and a good laugh is had swapping life stories and experiences.
    They enjoy it, we enjoy it and both parties are left with a great feeling and memory. We time it for near as possible to the end of their stay, keeps the memory fresh and vivid for any review!

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    Unfortunately, we can't join our guests for a meal or a chat. Most of our guests are exhausted after a long flight and they have to take another one in the morning.

    After our guest leaves, I write a personal note (email) to them. Thats my way to thank them. Some of them do not answer, which is ok for me. What's important I did that.

    Some of them are amazed that someone will follow up After they left. I have received so many warm messages from my guests... They are the main reason why we survive and try to make another day better for all of us

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    Keba Wilson

    Well I say thank u ..in small way by follow up on them.make sure they OK.on there leave I sad thanks for everything. Hope to see u again u welcome any time

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    Do something really nice for them that they didn't expect.  Have a cup of coffee with them after breakfast to chat about their experiences.

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    M Adamopoulou

    I personally leave my guests a welcome letter thanking them for their reservation.
    I always offer them a glass of juice or wine when they arrive and treat them with Greek homemade specialties and last but not least when leaving I thank them once again wishing them a save return and hoping to see them again soon.

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    Dawn Oliver

    Hello Everyone,

    Free drink at our pub or in the summer free braai upstairs with us.  

    Enjoy all the tips

    Thank you one and all 

    Dawn B& B Dutchman

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    We have a budget hotel in Burdwan. As a thank you we gift them some necessary amenities and a box of chocolates, some flowers. That's all. But only to those guests who stays many time here.

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    Its a mixture for me as try to be responsive to the guest, bearing in mind how long they stayed, and other variables.  Can include having a meal with them (if appropriate and they invite that), a small gift that is something to do with them (for example - a couple stayed 4 nights and who worked in manufacturing boots, and they hadn't seen the film Kinky Boots, so I ordered it from Amazon and gave them it - I couldn't have got a better reaction (and of course a ten star review followed).  Another lady loved fruit teas and so I got a special fruit tea flower from Amazon - these things are a very low cost but have a high perceived value. Of course bigger Hotels and Guest Houses are unable/unlikely to do be able to do this - I only have three rooms so I can really give great personal service, which is how I (and all of us with small B&Bs) can compete against the big boys, and easily go the extra mile.  Up to now every review I have is 10/10 so it works. Of course when I add this extra service, I do not try in any way to link it to getting a review - that is against BDC T&Cs, and also cheapens the act of giving. It is a genuine thank you for choosing us and being a great guest.

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    I agree with DavespiceUK. We get to know our guests and give them a gift that we think represents some aspect of their visit to Barbados.  We generally give them some artwork of a local artist, a print or painting.  One guest commented on our neighbour's cockerel and the harem of chickens that visited our garden for a scratch.  They received a copy of local artist Dave Alleyne chicken scratching in the yard.  We give gifts as a form of says thanks for booking us and we both write a personal message on the back .

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    Don't lose too much capital by being overly generous to guests.You are running a business not a charity. We therefore do not just throw discounts in willy nilly.

    Simple things like complimentary bottle of water or wine can go a long way. There are other ways too - as we check people in we need their ID for the Eco Tax. This gives us their dates of birth and if they have a birthday during their stay, we put a vase with a rose in it accompanied with a birthday card from us.

    Customers leaving us quite often give us bus cards with unused journeys on them - we pass these to selected guests - usually cash strapped youngsters who are appreciative of the gesture - it costs us nothing.

    Of course, returning and regular guests can be given extra treatment - here we offer free transfers, and will reduce the rate for a return booking. 


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    Laura, Community Manager

    Anthea, what a thoughtful gift :) You're absolutely right, to make such a meaningful gesture requires that you know your guests well. Thanks for sharing!

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    M Adamopoulou

    I like giving gifts to my guests as I do to my friends. I give them homemade marmalade or almonds from my personal garden. Guests do appreciate it very much.
    Loving is sharing..

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    My best guests know who they are because they are given a traditional South African Braai.  We provide them with steaks, chops and boerewors along with rolls, salads and milktart and koeksisters wihich is traditionally South African. We have even offered them traditional curry and rice as other times.

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    free some small local gift
    or welcome drink

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    Walking the extra mile for a best guest is so much easier than for the one who makes life a bit difficult. 

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Des, that sounds like a treat! I didn't know that a South African braai was missing from my life until just now :) 

    M, indeed, the gesture of gifting something that's homemade counts for a lot. Once they've arrived home, your guests will have something tangible to remind them of your warm hospitality. Even better when it's homegrown too!

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    M Adamopoulou

    I love homegrown products myself.  Whenever I travel I prefer to buy local pruducts, even though most of the times they are much more expensive. In my country, wherever you travel you can find many unique traditional products. 

    Locally grown food tastes and looks better, is better for you, supports local families, builds community and is an investment in the future. These are some of the reasons I prefer local produce.

    Have a wonderful evening....

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    We're winners this year again. My theory is that there is no Supper Host without Super Guests.

    When it stops snowing in Zakopane (we have to shovel snow every day), we will site down and look thru all reviews left by guests on Booking and AirBnB. We will choose the best ones and then pull out the Winner. Our Winner will get 2 nights stay free. I'm not sure we will be able to contact every body since Booking is not giving us email addresses, but if we post good news on FaceBook or call the guest they will know.

    Will be good if Booking provides stickers for Super Guests.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! Julaweg and welcome to the forum. Congratulations for your award. I like your theory and your promotion. Very thoughtful.
    My friends visited your country this Christmas and had marvelous time.
    Take care.

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    for guests who stay more than 3 days, I offer them a souvenir gift with the name of the island and the name of the place Apollo Pavilion, they like it and appreciated very much, the look on their face when I present the gift is very satisfying because they do not expect it 


  • Suggestions provided above are very nice. Nowonwars, I will also follow same. I would like if someone can provide me details about PMS system. Thanks

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    As my guests check in i check thir birthdates and sometimes it is thier birthday or just past/due  i offer tea and cake and they have loved it.

    i have learned a lot from your comments too.

  • Suggestion given above are excellent. Sometimes, we also invite guests for drinks and home made dinner. It is the best way to gave thanks to anyone. But I could not follow the system strictly as I should have done it. One of our friends has suggested to offer 1 day free on date of births and marriage anniversary. It is a very good suggestion. Giving candy, chocolates is another good suggestion. Writing on an Excel sheet is a good way to start the system. Thanks for replying to me.

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    M Adamopoulou

     Giving is sharing.

    Giving is not  a duty but  a privilege.One of the best feelings in the world is giving.The positive energy is contagious. With just one act of kindness, you can inspire others to do the same.

    Guests appreciate our gifts very much.


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    My guest had to cut shot his stay due to an emergency back home(details were not given)

    Can members share how they would/have reconnected with the guest to show some humanity.

    This is a guest that may do repeat stays.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi Mahakoel180 and welcome to the forum. Very thoughtful of you to send a nice message to your guy. I would write something like that, more or less....“Dear guest hope everything is well back at home and are awaiting to seeing you as soon as possible.”
    Have a nice day...

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