How to find Co-hosts

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    I do manage properties long distance, but finding a co-host-it is better to do in person.

    As for me I asked real estate agents in my area, if they know any good person, that can be a co-host. They recommended one and I interviewed her. And the rest is the history :)

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    We go overseas every June and July (working with orphans in Cambodia).  Some of our guests have some interest in owning a B&B some day.  If they are nice people and seem competent, I ask them if they'd like to run our place some time.  Your situation is different.  Being an absentee landlord is difficult, being an absentee innkeeper seems very difficult.  How often can you check up on them?


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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Very interesting topic.. I also wondering about this.

  • Here is the answer:

    You should not base much trust in finding a person who doesn't have a track record doing this.

    On the other hand, there are management companies that deal with such things, contact one of those and sort it out. 

    You can also talk to a real-estate agency to manage it, or even a tour operator in the area. It entirely depends on how you can negotiate this.

    Best of luck,

    Zsolt -

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    "absentee landlord is difficult, being an absentee innkeeper seems very difficult. How often can you check up on them?"

    Honestly, its easier. Again, it depends on country and people. In Philippines many people work abroad. If they work in Philippines, they simply can't afford luxury apartments. So, it's very common situation when the owner of the property is abroad.

    Your caretaker should be very responsible. We both work without having days off. My units are just in front of airport, so people check in every day.

    I am in constant communication with my caretaker and clients, of course. Some people will not like having such lifestyle. But it works for me.

    And having a caretaker is additional expense. The key to this business is good communication, fast response and trusted manager.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey everyone,

    Great points in all responses.

    As I'm sure many of you know by now, I just run the reservations. We have companies who run and maintain the day to day operations at the resorts.

    The recruitment process is a long and vigorous one, with Sky high standards. They also normally suggest promoting from within the company as it's much easier to teach a person extra things than to start from scratch. 

    So my suggesiton would be, whoever you hire, go make sure they have the experience and then you go to live at the property and train them for a good few months before leaving them there alone. 

    Keep well!

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    Katerinka12, Weigelt, Bandara Hotels and Resorts, Thuild, Leandri

    Thanks for all your answers and input, we really appreciate it!

    We will try some of your tips(when we go down next time in the middle of October). Will update on results here later.

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    I strongly believe that there's no need for a "property manager". All of my rentals are very far away from where I live and I don't have a manager in any of them.  I've split the tasks between the following 2:

    1. On site work (cleaning and maintenance)

    2. Remote work (Marketing & Communication)

    For the on site work, I invest time in finding great cleaning teams that can also be my direct points of contacts for repair.  They are the ones who go in and inspect the property after each guest, and it is easiest for them to manage any repairs when they're there.  So it is important to talk to that person/ team and make sure they have handy man they can call on when/ if needed.  Or you can put them in touch with a handyman that you find or know so that they can coordinate repairs when needed.


    For the remote work, anyone that has experience and a great technology can do that work at a reasonable cost.  If anyone charges more than 10% they're basically too expensive.  Our company helps make managers super efficient so that they can do the remote management work with minimal effort, just some oversight and success management. 

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    " I just run the reservations. We have companies who run and maintain the day to day operations at the resorts."

    Lucky girl! He he

    Just as we divide our tasks: on site and remote.

    And still it mingles somehow..
    No sleep (ah)

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    Leandri Klopper

    :-) Sleep is for the guests!

    Sounds like quite the juggle you've got going on, but it sounds like very stimulating work. 


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