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    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for all your amazing contributions to the Partner Forum! Great to see so many posts from you. 

    We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with chargebacks for correctly charged bookings. Although this can be a part of business we are here to support you in defending the charge to your bank.

    Whenever you receive a bank information request regarding a chargeback and are unable to stop the dispute you can contact us to request a “Support Letter”. These letters are reservation specific and created individually on a case by case basis.

    In order for us to assist you we will need:

    • A valid document from the bank regarding credit card dispute (including case number). 
    • Amount disputed
    • Reason for charge (Stay, No Show, Non-refundable cancellation)
    • Deadline for rebuttal

    We understand that these issues are time sensitive and will assist you accordingly. Please be aware that this letter does not guarantee results since the decision will be made by the respective banking institutions.

    If you have any further questions, please reach out to a member of our Accommodation Services team through your extranet inbox.

    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you! 

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    Thank you for your response Brooke.  I am aware of this support letter and had one for my last chargeback case.  It enabled us to win the 1st round.  However,  Visa still came back and denied us because does not have an actual box that the person has to tick to acknowledge policies and conditions when buying anything online.  So, because of this, we had no further recourse and had to eat the $600.

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    Since noone responded to this post, I thought I would attach the paragraph from the chargeback letter, explaining that Visa rules do not jive with Booking reservation process. You CANNOT win a chargeback from Visa as long as booking does NOT have a click to accept button.

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    Paul Chatwin

    That is actually scary Christine.

    We have had our share of No Shows and have never had a chargeback.

    Your post shows that ALL of us - including the OTAs - need to keep on top of these changes.

    I just took a look at our hotel page on

    The first thing I noticed is they have put "No Prepayment Needed - Pay At Property" on the page when we have NEVER done this - we have always been 100% due at time of booking.

    The other thing I noticed is they pre-tick a box where booker agrees to terms etc but also for emails.

    Pre-ticking boxes is now ILLEGAL in the UK - and bookers cannot agree to terms without also agreeing to emails. need to sort this out OR they should cover the cost of your chargebacks.

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    Yes, Paul I couldn't agree more. Booking is always making changes to their website.  We also require money up front.  The "no prepayment needed" is not our policy either but yet you see it.  I hope to not only wake up partners; but to wake up booking itself with this forum.

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    Pita Lie

    Today the bank called that one of our staying guest in September (they were indeed staying) asked for chargeback as our booking is prepayment and they have never agreed for prepayment. Can u imagine that? And we indeed had their registration everything. So who was going to pay for the room if they stayed but refused to pay - as if we are charity organization. 

    This is starting to be very annoying. 

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    David Newborne

    Yes it is very annoying.

    I find that the "support" letters provided by customer relations are VERY generic. They do not contain any guest specific information that would actually resolve a dispute. (Billing address, email address, or IP address of where the reservation was made, for instance). 

    As partners we are responsible for processing guest payments and that's fine.

    However, should AT LEAST authenticate the identity of the cardholder first. After all, guests are more comfortable providing info to than to an individual partner.  

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    Pita Lie

    Visa International since 2014 requires all manual charges to be done by e-commerce that has tick box (so customer can agree) and it has to be in the same page as the policy (closed disclosure) as otherwise it will be deemed as unauthorized transaction and can be chargeback without asking answer from the merchant. Starting 1 April 2018, Visa International applies new system. All customers can submit their chargeback request online and they can just printscreen page that show no tick box to get their chargeback within 3 days. 

    We asked why they refuse to put the tick box since December 2017 and they just replied that it is not their job to answer. 

    Please all the partners to be aware of that. 

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    Pita Lie

    We are now thinking to move to Tripadvisor with their Tripconnect (as more people and traveling communities are relying on Tripadvisor). The fee is only 12% and they handle the deposit just as hostelworld and their website is following the rule of e-commerce hence there is little chance of chargeback. 

    We are thinking to put ourselves in Airbnb as well as we can filter the guests. 

    Siteminder is in mind as well as their flat fee of USD59 per month is still much cheaper than our commission to every month. 

    Our problem is refusal to adhere the law will create a big mess for us especially since Visa International introduces new chargeback system starting April 1, 2018 and insists (due to their avoiding tax) to refuse to put the tick box. 

    We are charging back for the chargeback and also we are thinking not to settle our commission until 120 days period over when the chargeback period end. We could not care less if they suspend the account rather than to get the chargeback and fraud charges 



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    Does anyone know if Master has the same policy as Visa - having to have a tick box for cancellation policy otherwise no way to be protected agains chargebacks?



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    Pita Lie

    All have the same policy. But Visa since 1 April has amazing feature that enable all chargeback to be approved online within 3 days without merchant consent if pax can printscreen the booking page that has no tick box and written disclosure policy (all has to be in same page). All our request to is only answered that the Innovation and Development Department is still studying. 

    Visa has imposed this rule since 2014 by the way so I think just does not have any intention to put it as it will making them to pay extra tax. 

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