More fake bookings than real ones

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    I have a three room guesthouse on the beach in Sumner, and after about six months of having no fake bookings, they have just started again.  I have had about 8 over the last three weeks.  And yes they have changed their format.  I see from a comment above that they are now listed as being from Australia, and this is right all of the fakes are from Australia.  Usually the town they are from is a signal, when I google the name of the town eg Brancepeth in Australia - there is no such place.  Then I ask for a confirmation by message with a time of arrival and if they don't reply I cancel the booking.  Very annoying but luckily there is always something that jumps out as being bogus.

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    Yes I do the same.

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    I stopped having this problem once I selected to have take payment when they book. You can decide your terms for refund. If you select no refund then that will definitely get rid of the fakes.

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