Closed property - without any reason

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    Hi Corne,

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    I’ve followed this up with the team at and they found that your property was indeed closed in error, but went back to Open and Bookable on February 5. You should already have an email from our support teams about this, but an agent will also be calling you to follow up. 

    Good luck with everything,

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    Precisley the same thing is currently happening to our property (ID 1707435) - for the second time in three months. What is going on???? We link to via Guestlink and regularly update our calendar with them. When we last complained, they said their system is fine and it's a problem, and says its Guestlink. Looks like it is defiinitley Funny how if we make the smallest error in our relationship with, we get immediately penalised, but when cause a problem, there's no hint at any kind of compensation for lost business!

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    Same thing is happening to me. Can anybody please assess on how to report this properly so that it get's opened?




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    After going to a meeting in Hoedspruit with; thought I would have a look at some of the features that had been discussed. To my amazement I find my listing closed. THIS WAS NOT DONE BY ME!!!! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN AND WHAT IS BOOKING.COM GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS SECURITY THREAT. SUE, SHIKWARI

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    My name is Sarah, I have called since yesterday regarding the Closure of my Property, the issue was resolved, because I sent the Proof of Payment, yet it hasn't been opened, Secondly I noticed that my other Property gets penalised and gets closed, yet the issues don't have anything to do with it.. I was actually informed that it takes just a few minutes to get it open after verification, and yet it's taking close to 2 days to have it opened, please Team, you can do better.

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    my property id is 340066 well we received e mail 16 th November been calling everyday 

    well all r people in meeting  or we can not gat bk right answer

    said main office close side ? and it is netherlands fraud and abuse team? 

    pls contact with us   

    my #8653180134


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey Djsmktanddeli ,

    You will need to contact them directly, they don't phone people per request on the Forum as this is Partner based. You can use the numbers found here: Where you can reach us

    Or you send request that someone phone you through your extranet on Inbox - messages.

    Best of luck

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    dear Leandri Klopper

    thanks for u replay bk

    well we call local number it go to customer service 

    and no one call us bk 

    16 th November to today 5 th des ?

    pls content us 



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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey Djsmktanddeli ,

    Did you also send a message through the portal ?

    Also, if the local nr goes through to customer service.. isn't that what you want?

    Keep well

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