What do you do when guest does not abide by check-in check-out times?

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    M Adamopoulou

    Casa Rama that situation has never occurred for me but surely I would call booking for support and advice. I’m surely they will give you the answer you need.

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    If the room is vacant you can charge additional 1/4 of tariff and allow the early check in.

  • Dear ...,

    We had this situation and we simply tell them to come back at the check-in time, because their room is not ready yet as there are other guests staying in it.

    If they don't check out at out check-out time, we have an hourly extra stay fee, which will be notified to them once the clock hits the check-out time. 

    They usually don't want to pay that fee so they will pack and leave. We did have a case where they paid 4x hourly fees and it was fine for them. Luckily the next guests were due to arrive at night so it wasn't an issue for us.

    To prevent this, we stress them to tell us when are they arriving so we can arrange everything in a timely manner.

    Good luck,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    I do agree with Zsolt, this is a common practice for everywhere in the world.

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    Graham Fisher

    Guests arriving early are just one of the normal hazards of life - if the room is empty but not set up for the arriving guests yet - I let them leave their bags in the room and go into town whilst we finish the room.

    If the guests have not yet left (our check-out time is 10.00 hrs) then I take the new guests bags, tell them the old guests have not left the room yet since our check-out time is 10.00 hrs and tell them to go into town and return after 14.00 hrs which is our normal check-in time.

    If guests that are due to leave linger after 10.00 hrs and the room is let that night - around 10.30 I knock on their door and ask them if they plan to stay on an extra night, since our check-out time has already passed.  This generally moves them on swiftly, since they do not want to pay for the extra night. 



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    In our case, we're renting an entire house, and we're not on site to greet them. They have access to the house through an app that they install on their phone (August). I give them access from 4 PM on check in day (That's our check in time), until 11:10 AM on check out day (Check out time is 11:00 AM). I tell them in advance that, if they want to check in early, and the house is available for an early check in, then we charge $15/hour for that. Most people who want to check in early are happy to pay that.

    We don't allow late check outs. We make it clear to our guests that they must be out by 11 AM, as our cleaning crew will be arriving at that time, and will need to get started. It take 4 - 5 hours for the cleaning crew to clean and get ready for the next guests. So far, we haven't had an issue with that.

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    When the room is ready and a guest arrives early I let them in. I find that it is easier on me - get the check in over and done with and carry on doing something else. If they arrive early and the room is still occupied or not ready I tell them to leave their bags and point them in the direction of one of the local beauty spots.

    Occasionally you do get someone unreasonable. This chap stayed for one night. Arrived at 1.30 am (when my latest check in is 11 or 11.30 pm) and demanded a late check out. He gave me such a terrible review (2.9) for his few hours stay that I really did not know where to begin when it came to tackling his lies. BDC - no help at all even though the lies are obvious. This is how he started his review showing his arrogance:

    • We liked nothing about the property
    • After we read the reviews, we were really excited and confident about staying at this property even though we emailed  in advance asking for a late checkout as we are genius frequent travellers to which he declined our entitlement.
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    Casa Rana

    Thank you all for your advise. 

    We have started a procedure.  We aill provide guest with a personalized printed notice that includes their name their check in information and check out information where we again advise them of the check out time encourage them to use the facilities and request they let us know how we might serve them better. 

    We hope that this will help eliminate the problem.  We again this weekend had our guests leave the premises at 9 am and return at 4pm.  We asked if they planned on staying another night and were informed they were not and would be checking out at 5 pm.  Thank heavens we did not have another booking that evening.  This could have been a big mess.

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    In my case, the guest did not check out as she was supposed to on the time and date. She was still occupying the room 24 hours after check out time. I had to physically throw her out and lock the door. I complained to Booking.com using the guest misconduct link. But they were unsympathetic. Attached is the response I got from them. Very Unhelpful.

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    As the guest stayed an extra day and then left without paying for that day you can use option 3 in the BDC list.

    However, it really is up to you to enforce the hotel policies including check-in/check-out times. The threat of extra payments on late check out always works. either gets them out quickly or they pay for the extra time if you can give it.

    For early check-ins that cannot be done (we always allow if possible) then simply advise them of normal time again, offer to store their luggage and advise about places to go or let them use any general facilities you may have.

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    Well in this case, charging extra money was the last thing on my mind because the time she stayed there she left the electric and heating on all day long. This meant my energy bills was going to go through the roof the longer I allowed her to stay in the property. So the problem went beyond a question of extra money.

    This was a woman who did not want to leave the property at all. Her tactics which she verbalised was she was renting the room. In UK law, that entitles her to litigation, which will mean long court hearings until a Judge rules on the case. I could not risk that happening so I had to physically push her out of the house and lock the door. This way even if the matter went to court, she was off the property. 

    It was a nightmare. In my 15 years of running a guesthouse, this was one of the worst situations I found myself in.

    My problem with Booking.com was they should should have been more sympathetic but they weren't. I asked that that this lady should never be allowed to book the property again but I was told there was nothing in place to prevent that from happening apart from me noticing her booking and calling Booking.com to alert them to cancel the booking. This I felt was not good enough. Owners should have something in place to put sanctions on bad guests to act as a deterrent to guest's bad behaviour

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    Graham Fisher

    I agree with fluff Henbar - option 3 would have been my choice.

    As I wrote earlier, I normally allow about 30-45 minutes after our stated check-out time, then knock on the door and say to the guest - are they planning to stay another night and if so they will be charged accordingly.... this normally leads to a rapid departure.  

    I also turn our central heating off, so lingering guests are "encouraged" to depart.

    I'm afraid in my experience any sympathetic response from any OTA is like getting blood from a stone.

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    I like that! (turn off the central heating)

    In our case, we could turn off all the electricity to the room if we so wished.....no air-con would quickly get nasty!

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi guys! Very intelligent 🤓 ways to make guests leave in no time without even say a word to them....
    Have great time...

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