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    M Adamopoulou

    Bandara thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts
    M Adamopoulou Your welcome.
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    I would be checking your insurance broker and take advice from them. If a non registered guest has an accident who is liable ?

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    cassid  Can I ask you where you are from? Are you from the USA? I am asking as your comment about liability for non invited guests seems a bit far fetched. Or maybe not far fetched - but it seems like over thinking  to me. But I suppose that it depends on the culture of the country when it comes to law suits. 

    If a guest gets electrocuted (god forbid) because I have a faulty device in my property I can see that I can get into trouble but I would not bother about unregistered guests.



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    Hotel,guest house,B&B insurance in the UK is essential for staying/paying guests

    Your policy is unlikely to cover friends visiting your guests unless you organise and pay an extra premium which can be as much as the original premium- we have checked this out with several major UK insurance companies ( brokers often gloss over this to get your business -sorry but true)

    If you do not do this you are at risk of a visitor claiming against you and you know how many injury claim specialists advertise on UK TV daily !!

    We cannot afford the extra premium we were quoted

    So we do not take the risk

    Only paying guests are allowed in

    Hardball but a better than risk a claim for £1000's  !!  - several are going through UK courts now !!!!!

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey guys,

    We have large notices everywhere "Enter at own risk" with a liability waiver. It also clearly states that by entering the property, you agree to the terms. 

    For extra cover, every one (and I mean Every one) signs the indemnity form when they enter. If they refuse, then no entry for them. 

    So we don't have insurance etc, might be because of where I am though. Other countries, such as monet now pointed out, probably operates differently. 

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    We have a "no party policy" as well as a city noise ordinance rule that a guest has to agree to upon booking. A few friends coming over for supper is one thing but anything more than that and there's a security deposit risk, among other things.


    It depends on what your property is geared for. Ours is a vacancy home geared towards a family environment. People who want to party will probably prefer a hotel room near the beach, not a home in a residential neighborhood.

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    Siandav Lill

    Very interesting.  We are very small and only had one experience which is where a ladies family was camping and she bought several children back here for a shower, leaving sand in the shower.  I would not allow that to happen again and would not allow them to visit in the B&B.  Sounds harsh but we cannot be responsible for visitors in a small B&B.

    Good luck regards Avril

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