Client didnt tell me that they werent coming until I phoned to give them directions. I am as mad as a snake.


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    dont you have a charge policy? if they were charged in advance that wouldnt happen

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    This is same as my case. I did not asking guest deposit or prepayment. They will pay by cash when they're checking. Base on my policy that guest will pay full when they no-show. I don't know how can control it? How can I receive money through booking for these cases? Thank you,

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    I would also like to know as people book and just dont pitch up and then we have lost the money? can we change our payment policy?


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    We have a policy that if the room is cancelled within seven days of the arrival date and we are unable to relet the room we reserve the right to charge the full cost.

    Most guests behave correctly and phone, apologise and offer a reason. Those that don't call we tend to chase and if needs we resort to the on line small claims court (cost £25.00 which if found in our favour the 'no show' has to pay as well).

    With the email booking confirmation from as the contract plus when they booked they agreed to our t's&c's stated on our cancellation policy. We have to date been 100% successful in collecting.

    Fortunately I can still count the number of times we have had to go down this route on one hand in the last four years.    

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    How do we seek for compensation when the client doesn’t show up. Can hold the credit card information just in case of no show after reservation?

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    I had another no show this morning. This system of payment on arrival does not work . Can I change it ? Otherwise I must leave Booking . com as I loose too much on no shows

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    I have 50% deposit at the time set in the policies section which seems to remove most of this hassle. If people have to part with cash they generally pitch. For customers who choose to pay deposit by bank transfer I contact them to chase and warn that if the deposit isn’t received 7 days in advance ( or payment in full if selecting the discounted non refundable rate) the booking could be cancelled. Most then pay. Those that don’t I cancel the booking via the extranet and message them to advise. Been burnt too many times not to be vigilant on this. 

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    I have this same problem repeatedly. works more in favour of the guest as they contact me all the time tp waive cancellation fees when guests cancel outside of my policy. I have never received any payment for cancellations

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    It's very simple. Charge in full when the guest books. 

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