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    I would ask guest for total number of guests staying at the property including children in welcome message.
    I can see the pain .
    Try to speak to for review removal if it does mention anything against your policy .
    All the best.

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    Make sure you leave a reply to the review which says you clearly stated this on your policy, then people who plan to book will see it too. 

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    We have had so many problems due to guests turning up with surprise extra kids that we have now hit the nail on the head by not allowing children under 12years of age. We now have this policy in place for over 4 years and we have not had a problem since.

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    Well done Torrdarach. But I can't afford to take that approach because at certain times of the year we are a family holiday destination. I have had bookings where the adults are 8 in number and then 7 kids turn up as well. This is ridiculous. I charge them for the kids, and in some cases I have to change the booking because they just can't fit in the room. We as providers need to know for safety issues how many people (including kids) are on the property. Some guests don't get this at all. I state that all guests must be checked in and paid for, but some don't read.

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