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  • Dear Hoodytwoshoes,

    My friend, you are losing out an a really good boosting opportunity.

    I use this one in the low season quite much, usually it works well 80% of the time.

    You will be shown very high in the search list, so it gives you a lasting visibility, as people will return to view the property.

    Still better than investing endless money into advertising.

    Best of luck,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Many thanks for your reply Zsolt, but ...I don't actually make 40% profit, so it would be a loss leader if I were to do it. I already have a good rating (9.7), so that in itself brings in a lot. The Opportunities tab is driving me nuts - it says every day that I have one unread "Opportunity", which, when I click through, tells me I've completed them all. Cust Serv told me it's a known issue. 

  • You aren't losing anything if you know how to make promotions work for you.

    My ADR (Avarage Daily Rate) went up from 45 Euro (last year) to 65 Euro (this year), just because I use around 20 types of promotions.

    It's all about business development. The bottom line counts the most.

    Yeah, the Opp tab has issues and it's NOT a priority to fix for them, so just mark those as already completed and get on with your day.

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