avoid double booking with airbnb


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    Hill B D

    You can Sync Calendars between airbnb and booking. Just search Sync Calendars on both sites and follow the steps. You can set this up in a matter of a  few minutes. 

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    Donna Luxford

    @Lmkelly581 Airbnb have given you wrong information as I have synced my Airbnb,  Booking.com and Tripadvisor all to each other.  eg:  Airbnb to Booking and Booking to Airbnb.  One you export to and the other you import to.  Regards Donna

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    We're using bedbooking calendar which provide channel manager as well.

    But our channel manager is Booking.com calendar. On booking.com calendar are 3 options:

    1.Sync calendar,

    2. Import calendar,

    3. Export calendar.

    From Booking.com I'm exporting calendars to any place I have listing on.

    From any place I have listing on I'm importing to Booking.com calendar.

    Also when I get from other sources booking I just block room on Booking.

    So far worked very well and this is first year we did not have any over booking.

    It is very easy if you use their PULSE application on your mobile phone. Booking.com does very good job updating their booking system. If is getting tide you may click on booking.com calendar "Sync all calendars". It will update immediately  all calendars you have any place else.

    I must say we do not have any money to pay for channel manager or expensive booking calendars. Our property is in Zakopane in Poland. Tremendous competition and we have to keep prices here very low to get clients.

    Any questions? I will be happy to answer. I have many lat experience and try any booking and manager system. Merry Christmas.  

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    Sara Jarvis

    I keep 2 separate calendars and if one wants to extend while the other is expected I can always move quickly from my own room as I keep a secret bedroom that I never advertise, this way my own double room can be used as the extended booked room.This way I have booking.com and ABB guests at the same time.

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    You can use the third party program (Channel manager), they will synchronize Booking calendar for you. But I suggest not to try to marry Putin and Trump :)

  • Dear Nabilnh,

    You can get a channel manager and then you can sell both channels and more without worries.

    That would be my first recommendation.


    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    thanks for the reply.  i prefer a lower cost solution at this point.  Any other option?

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    Mr. Fay(费伊恩)

    as long as the double booking doesn't happen at same time, you have 2 free opptions:

    1. Sell different room on both website

    2. Go to the Rates& Availibility >>Calendar, mark the date of the room sold out on Airbnb with yellow, and this method only works on those honesty guests. In other words, if your Airbnb booking guests didn't show up, you are going to have double earnings lose. However, Booking.com provides you a very cool opption to deal with it, that you can use the "same day booking boosting tool" when your Airbnb guests didn't show up.



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    Lomme 1

    Obviously the comment of Holl B D is the way to go. Can do the same trick with other sites as well and / or your google calandar for example. Sync it all!

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    Lucky Pete

    We use Lodgify as a channel manager but you can also sync calendars. If you end up with a double booking you have limited options as you can not cancel the booking.com one. In that case you can either cancel the AirBnB one or have to find the booking.com booking another compatible place which can be a PITA and rather stressful :( .

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    I have been able to sync my Airbnb Calendar with my Booking.com Calendar. However, I have not been able to sync my Booking.com calendar with my Airbnb calendar. 

    I called Airbnb and was told on multipule occassions that their calendar will not sync with Booking .com.

    So, when I get a Booking.com booking I have to go in and manually enter the dates on my airbnb calendar.

    Thank God that I was able to sync my Airbnb calendar with my Booking.com calendar or else I would have to just use the airbnb platform


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    M Adamopoulou

    I also have synchronized my calendars and so far have no problems with my bookings. I find it very helpful to use.

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    Hi, I had the same problems, tested many systems and I ended up using Nuevah (http://www.nuevahospitality.com/) which i'm really happy with. It basically allows you to manage all your properties from one sigle dashboard / calendar, and you can integrate with many booking channels, it keeps the prices availability synced in real time. Discovering Nuevah really helped me with my property management tasks! hope it helps you too! :) good luck! 

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    Hi all,

    I have gone through this exercise of using multiple host companies at great expense to myself, to say the least, not discounting the frustration and embarrassment that accompanies the entire process with guests.

    In brief, all calendars were synched, but what they don't tell you, is that the reservation is not dynamic (or instantaneous) as the linked calendar updates can be 20 minutes apart and can sneak in multiple overbooked reservations.

    As in my case, host company "A" booked first and host company "B" booked second, but needless to say I picked it up too late to save the day. I immediately notified host "B's guest" that regrettably the unit is no longer available.

    They were upset and confirmed that their card has already being debited with the payment. The host company said that they cannot cancel it from their side, that I had to do it from my side to activate the refund process.

    The next moment, I am advised by host company "B" that I had lost my Super Host Status, because I cancelled a booking. Where is the sense in that? Passing the buck...

    I too have since resorted to confirming all requests personally and cancelled instant booking options. It seems to be working for me !

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    Sara Jarvis

    Sorry It went twice

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    Thanks for all the helpful comments.


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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! Julaweg and welcome to the forum.

    I also have my calendar sychronized and so far works ok but booking.com informed me that a double booking might occur if guests  happen tomake a reservation at the same moment. Very rarely but it can happen. Just have that in mind.

    Updating manually calendar helps  also avoiding double booking.

    Thanks for your input and wish you a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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