What Channel Managers import modifications and cancellations

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    Jessie & Jay (B&B in Canada)

    We are using Cloudbeds (MyAllocator) for a channel manager.  From my understanding, it depends on the connectivity between the OTA and Channel Manager.  Some channels have full connectivity to all activities and some only have limited connectivity.  Here is a screenshot of the connectivity features between Cloudbeds and BDC:

    This month Cloudbeds (MyAllocator) has begun implementing full, real-time connectivity with AirBnB.


    There are a lot of channel managers to choose.  Here is a link to an existing discussion on Channel Managers in general:



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    Thank you for your comments. The other issue I have with my channel manager is the lack of good OTA's it connects with. It does BDC and Airbnb but not the other major ones. I will check out Cloudbeds. 

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    You can check out Rategain & Siteminder. But function that you are looking for you have to check channel manager and your PMS system version that they can do two way communication or not.

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