How do I connect with my payment solution?

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    Jessie & Jay (B&B in Canada)

    I am not sure our set up will work for you as you mention that you have multiple properties.  We operate a small bed and breakfast in Canada.  We have a Channel Manager and Property Management System (PMS) that integrates with a payment processing gateway (   The guest books through *BDC), the reservation is forwarded to our PMS ( which captures the credit card information and, updates our calendar as well as updating our other OTA calendars. We then process the charge through the PMS software for each booking.  We need on to enter the total amount to charge the credit card, the credit card details are automatically submitted to the payment processing gateway.  So unless you enter the incorrect amount there is little chance for error.

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    Nelson Ojeda Castro

    Hi Jessie & Jay! That is what I've been doing for the past 3 years! But my business volume is growing a lot, and I need to automate end to end. I wrote a note to my market manager, and he suggested having the channel manager to transfer the credit card data to the payment solution with an encripted method. I have set up this coming monday a meeting with my payment solution to see if they can offer an integration between my channel manager and them. The idea is to automate the process end to end, totally touchless just manual intervention if the credit card has an issue. In my case, less than 20% of the time, 80% of transactions are successful.

    Thanks a lot for your input! Really appreciate your time for writing your comment.


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