Charge virtual cards in Cuba

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Have you send email to Finance team or your account manager. Also you can try send via inbox thought extranet system.

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    Hello Alicia! have you been able to charge your virtual credit cards? If yes, how? I am in the same situation.

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    Similar situation here, even if I live out of Cuba, the only payment method they use is via virtual CC which I haven't been able to charge since I started last October. I tried to sign up with Stripe but didn't approve the application, I believe for the many back and forth they always have with, then I signed up with Square but as it also asks for the Zip code of the card details and doesn't give you that info the payment failed.

    I have heard about Smile wallet but not sure because of the bad reviews posted everywhere.

    Any comments will be appreciated.


  • Hello Everyone,

    We offer Virtual Card processing for many Cuban properties.

    The reason why it fails is that you need a commercial terminal to process these and those are given to companies, therefore it's nearly impossible for a person who rents an apartment to do this by themselves.

    If you are interested to get these done, contact us via our website and let's talk about solving it.

    We pay out via AIS, PayPal, Bank Transfer (not in Cuba). 

    Hope this helps for you to understand how it works,

    Zsolt -

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    Pamela Nkune

    Has anyone else resolved the issue with Cuba. I have 3 payments outstanding, that I can not collect because the property is in Cuba


  • Dear Pamela, 

    I have written the solution just above.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    Pamela Nkune



    I checked your website. You are a hotel not a bank.




  • Not entirely. We are a franchise group which offers different services to partners.

    One of which includes the services offered for Cuban properties to charge their Virtual Cards.


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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Carlos  Please write in English so everyone can understand, thank you.

  • Watch out for the Carlos method because I smell a scam from miles away.

    Why would they have no contact method and contracting for card processing, but only a form where you enter the card details?


    Don't fall for this, people!


  • As I've mentioned on another post, where you put the same advert, the proof you're talking about is not a proof, it's more like putting out other person's personal information without their consent. 

    No real company or professional does such rookie mistakes.

    Therefore I still hold you being a scam or a fraud. 

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