How to manage the unexpected happenings


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    Sounds like you have pretty much everything in place. Most people are reasonable. Act quick to fix what you can straight away and guests will appreciate this.

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    Point out to guests to inform you straight away of any problems or breakages and not to wait to the end of their stay. This only puts pressure on us to repair and fix in a rush before the next guests arrive.

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    Juancsandoval - Are you sure you don't have a business in Malta? ;-)

    We sometimes have the occasion when you turn a tap on and there is no water only to find workmen outside digging up the road. We are never forewarned and they always seem to time it as guests are preparing for a shower in the morning or wanting to clean up after a day on the beach. We went through almost a day and a half when the entire town was cut off due to a major leak that was being repaired.

    You can do nothing than immediately inform guests, tell them what you know and put out bottled water for them to use. The main thing is to keep your guest informed, so if you have a social network set up as we do with townspeople, we quite often get advised when someone in the know manages to post something useful on what the cause is and how long it will take.  


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    M Adamopoulou

    Informing and apologizing in a nice way for unexpected situation will keep the guests calm. Hopefully they will understand the situation and leave good review.

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    Electricity can sometimes be a problem here as well. We have solar lamps and candles in the rooms. We also advise guests about the potential problems in this regard.

    Being typical mountain weather, the weather conditions can change in an instant. We have hot water bottles and blankets on standby.

    Sometimes trees can fall blocking their road, that is a 24hr standby with a chainsaw.

    We simply treat any unexpected situation like we would for family.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! Kyra and welcome to the forum. 

    Exactly  "like we would for family". Its the best way to treat unexpected situation. If situation is explained I am sure guests will understand. After all some things cant be predicted.

    Happy Posting!!!

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