Owners who also live at the B&B

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    I live at my Bed and Breakfast, and I find most people are glad to know that someone who works there also lives in the house. There are, however, plenty of people who don't understand the difference between a B&B and a hotel. I had one guest leave an awful review, saying that we were a scam because we are an old house and not a hotel. How anyone could have booked a room here and not seen any of the pictures clearly showing a house and not a hotel is absolutely beyond me. But this line of work can really test one's faith in humanity.

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    We also reside at our B&B.  We send a welcome email to our guests explaining that while they are visiting our area of NZ they will have the opportunity to relax and experience a family home environment. Seems to work well but there are some guests who don't read the email!


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    We have three rooms in our home as a B&B. We have had quite a few guests who are surprised when they arrive. They don't always understand what they've booked, or don't really know what a B&B is. If people have started reacting differently I wonder if you've changed something about the way your place is presented before they arrive?

    I've tried to use listing photos and a business name that help suggest that we're a small, family run place but it's true that some people just don't get it! 

    While bad reviews aren't nice, they are an opportunity to tell other people more about what you're offering or why you do things the way you do. 

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    \\\\\\\\\\\\never had any issues and guests appreciate having you there for our local knowledge

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    I also live on site and never had any issues. I make it clear from the beginning the guests arrive that I live there but I take the opportunity to tell them that I am available 24hrs if they needed anything...

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi European Connection,

    Everyone seems to have a concensus on making sure the guests know before hand that you do live there. Which, fair enough, is a great idea If they read their correspondence.

    You must also just be careful not to scare them off in your mission to let them know thay you live there... right above their heads... and they must not worry when they hear floor boards creaking... I don't think you need to elaborate it that much.

    I'd say you turn it into a plus, tell them that you will be there should they need anything. Perhaps add it in your Description?

    Best of luck!

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    I also live in my guesthouse (with my boyfriend and small dog) and mostly have had great reviews about how helpful and friendly I am and how it is good to have someone to ask questions.

    So far I have only had one bad review "about how there was no privacy as the owner lives in the property" - I was barely at home that day so I am not sure what she was referring to!

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    Chateau Constant

    Booking. Com doesn't understand that a B&B, should not be in the same search box as a hotel. Is ridiculous,. The laws in France are. You can only have a chambre d'hôtes if this is your family home. Period. People who book through booking are looking for a room. It doesn't matter for them what it is. While. We have this charming places who get booked by the wrong persons.

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    I do not categorise my business as a B&B, as  breakfast not always available.

    Or a Hotel,  for the same reason,  although we have the other facilities expected of a hotel.

    BDc have listed us a a Guest House which is also wrong as in the UK , traditionally a gh provides breakfast and dinner.

    The title we give ourselves is Guest Accommodation....sadly not available in the BDc listings.

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    Like the OP I kept getting guests referring to my place as a hotel - and I always corrected them. But some time ago I asked BDC to add the words Bed and Breakfast with the name of my place. Some guests seem surprised that I live in the same place but I tell them that I am always here should they need anything.

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    cassid  I so agree with what you say. I don't get that many American guests for some reason. Maybe that among the 6 languages that I listed that I can communicate in is Arabic  (in a very rudimentary way  but when I got a young Arab couple they were delighted to have a host who could ask simple questions and understand what they were telling me. I do not think it is an experience they get very often in the West. ). Two American guests from New York once booked for a a night. While my breakfast is listed  (she was sweet) he complained non stop. So much so that I wish that BDC had a ' kick out button' for some guests. I did my best to accommodate his every whim. As this was some time ago I even accepted not to take a damage deposit from them. Big Mistake. Damage deposit is listed in the fine print, I send them an automatic email wen they book that there is just a Euro 50 damage deposit.... so they have no excuse about not knowing about it. 

    And let's throw prejudices out of the Window - The Arabs were so sweet and we laughed a lot. And yes It was this one young guy and his girlfriend who slept in the same bed. While The New Yorkers left an onboxious review where they did not just give subjective opinions . But they LIED outright. 

    So there you are it is next to impossible to categorise people. 

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    Lyn Morgan

    In our country, strictly speaking, if an owner does not live on the property, it is not classified as a B&B. The definition of a B&B would tend to include owner run with many B&Bs having only the owner & possibly a couple of other people interacting with guests.

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    Hi all. We also live in our Main house with the semi-detached 2 bedroom flat we rent out next door. 

    It is just me and my husband and we are very quiet people so most of the times my clients askes if the house stands empty. My guests have their own private entrance and love our place. So far so good xx

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    It would be beneficial if BDc  stated how many guest rooms/units each property has.  They used to do this where they state how long the business has been with BDc. I can't see any logical reason for dropping this.

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    Victoria Friend

    In the UK the definition of a B&B is that it has to be the owners main residence and have a maximum of six guests in three guest rooms, otherwise it is classed as a Guest House, not a B&B.  It would also have to be registered as a business property if it has more rooms, or the capacity for more guests, whereas a B&B can still be classed as a residential property.  Most of our guests expect us to live in the house

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    I live in the main house and rent out a self-contained annex. The only time I get guests asking or are surprised that I live here is from young people who think its a party house and obviously dont want the owner anywhere near the place. Almost all cancel their reservation when I tell them I live here. But that's not a bad thing. I have single business women stay and are very happy I am on site to reassure them this area is safe. 

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    There is always negatives and positives side of everything... Yes some guests would prefer to be left alone so they could do what ever they wish such as partying and who knows what else!? The positive side of it is that when I tell my guests that there is no 24hrs reception but I do live on site so you could contact me anytime you like so it works out very good with guests as they feel they are being taking care of 24hrs even though there is no phisical reception at the front desk...

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    Pam and Mark Tipping

    We also live in our B and B with 2 dogs.  So far almost everyone has loved the dogs and appreciated that we are here to offer advice, suggestions, recommendations. We live in an apartment in the basement of the house where we have our own bathroom.  We do however use the main house during the day and so far this has not been a problem. I am always available at breakfast to chat to guests and this has been (so far) a great time to get to know them and make suggestions for things for them to do. 

    We weren't sure how it would work with us living in the house but I think by us sleeping well away from the guests and having our own bathroom this has helped to make it work. 

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    Great topic and one that has me quite concerned. We have been in the health spa industry for over 20 years and have always lived on the same premises with our dogs albeit at the back panhandle to the property. Not much questions ever asked from our spa guests as the main house and the spa is completely separated.

    We converted 3 of the 14 rooms into luxury suites primarily for spa guests that intend staying over. Six months ago we offered the suites to outside guests that do not necessarily use the spa services. This last couple of weeks we have had several guests questioning where we stay. Why would guest ask this now is perplexing. 

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    Hi all,

    We rent 2 private rooms at the top-floor with roof terrace in our villa ( Turkey ) and live and stay at the ground floor. At start we had also a lot off trouble and cancellations as the guests finely starts reading all information. ( maybe also translation problem ). Now I don't show the whole villa anymore and this helps a bit.
    Also a lot of big hotels you can find as a B & B.
    I think some improvement is necessary at the site.

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