Scheduled Breakfast times

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    Some people are just bad guests, and nothing you can do about it. I do think it is a bit unusual to have to reserve a time for breakfast, but nothing worth making a fuss over. Unfortunately some people are just determined to have a bad time. I also have a B&B, and I get the sense that some people just book us without reading up, and then show up expecting a hotel.

    I also suggest writing a polite, slightly patronizing, reply to the review, explaining why you ask for a reservation time for breakfast. Then people reading the review will have a better understanding. There's tons of info on google about how to respond to negative reviews.

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    Thanks for the advise - The review was last summer and that is exactly how I handled it- politely reinforcing what she was already told  for the world to see. Its not that I can't just let them come - its just a better experience if they are spread out a bit. Cooking for 20 people at once is nothing ( been a chef for  30 years and our main business is catering - on a regular bases I feed 400 at a time) its just more personable and comfortable in the dining room if they are spaced out a bit.   

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    Ignore guests like that.The Visit England Inspector advises doing this as well as taking breakfast orders the night before

    never had a guest complain

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    I ask guests roughly what time they'd like breakfast. We only have three rooms, I like to be around to make tea/coffee and serve a warm baked option. There's really nothing wrong with asking and you clearly have a good reason for it. 

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    Graham Fisher

    Quite agree with the others, I ask everyone, but I do say that they are not tied to that time "It just gives me an idea of when to cook their breakfast for..." but then I also ask what they want for breakfast... anyone that moans about that I just say "fine, order when you come down, but there will be a 20-30 minute delay whilst I get it cooked for you...." at which point they normally decide to order!

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    Taylor Johanna

    I think it's a good idea to manage expectations and say something like " 8:30 is great - it is our busiest time so please bear that in mind, before 8am would be quieter".  But the other comment was right - there are some people you just won't please, if it's too quiet they will say there's no atmosphere, and if it's too busy they will complain service is slow.  Just expect that you won't please everyone.

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    I leave a breakfast menu in each room and ask guests to specify what they would like and what time.  I have 4 rooms and cook everything myself so it makes my life easier when I am prepared.

    Mostly this has worked great.  Some guests ignore it and don't even leave it out so I will inevitably have to cook for them when they wake up! 

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