Idea for "Thank you" Cards

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    I like the idea of a thank you card. Just one other thing I might adopt instead of the souvenir I was thinking of (since I think that it does not make sense for me to spend on people who have stayed for a week as much as the vast majority who stay for a night). But I thought you were talking of a proper ' full sized' card, maybe with a personalised message. Print business cards by all means but I'm a little sceptical. I have never kept anyone's business card in my wallet especially if I don't envisage using the business in the near future. But then again if they are cheap (try there is not much to lose. 

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    We print return guest cards (business card sized) offering guests who stay with us a special promo if they return (and book direct)

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    Thomas (Austria)

    Thats exactly what i thought about!

    Can you post one here for me?

    Thank you



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    We do the same as Angela.

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    Villa Junona Croatia

    I did not make special "Thank you" cards, but in the time of check out I give my guests my business card with all possible contacts -  mobile number, e-mail. web-site, Instagram etc. I also tell them that they are very welcome and invite to come back in the nearest future.

    Sometimes they give the contacts to their friends or relatives so I have new guests. 

    cause this season is my first, I have no idea how it will work. Let´s see next year.

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    thanks for sharing - that is very useful.

    There is also the option to use templates - here is my draft:


    Dear [FIRST_NAME],

    Quick email to thank you for booking your stay with us and we sincerely hope that the apartment was to your full satisfaction.

    Do let us know how we can improve the experience and if you have some time we would appreciate some feedback on the portal.

    Thanks and we look forward to hosting you and your friends/family in the near future.

    Best wishes,



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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Its funny, its exiting.

    This summer 176 People rate me, and now I go from 9.4 to 9.5. Waww, its great.

    23 people give 10 this July, one gave 7,9 (not clean, to expensive, comford not good) ohhhhhhh yes, I need to listen, but its clean, what people expect from me, Yes Im only me, but 9,5 is a good rate to me, Im happy. rase me to get fully booked every day, I love it, and I do not want to say (BUT) but Im now looking forward to November, CLOSED one month..

    Any good idea out there, and thing to improve??

    Next step is of course 9,6, it will maby take a year..


    Just this from me...

    Take care


    Le Balcon des Jasses.

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    Judy Gathiru

    Good ideas, just started this year will make thank you cards.

    Thank You all.

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    @Thomas (Austria) There are so many way to do this. But Don't forget that nowadays people are using mobile very often. You should consider about electronic card or QR code or photo so they can save on their mobile or share on Facebook/IG instantly.

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    I have a business card with picture of me one side and the property on the reverse, and all contact details. I usually give them to the guest on departure. I also like to give them something memorable as a little thank you, like home baked biscuits for their onward journey, depending on if I feel they would welcome it, its appropriate, and costs very little.

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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Great idea.

    I made an automatic Email, when people pay with card, than send an email, and electronic facture, so my visitor have me details in there computer, and I give a card, ass you say, great idea, this year I had 27 family there went back again, its so nice to know people are happy here.

    So look............ the price with me are not cheap, but my quality is high.


    Best luck


    Le Balcon des Jasses, France

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