Credit Card Exception - Early Booker

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    Hi Leandri,


    You said "I would like to only allow bookings without cards if the check in date is still far off because our payments needs to be finalized well before check in"

    Just curious, do you not take deposits either at booking time to soon thereafter? I  fear the setting you require would take you down the false-booking road so many of us suffer, although you would benefit from the lead time on payments to be able to refill such wasted room allocation.

    With an off line EDC in place I would not even consider such a setting, what is your thinking behind it?

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi fluff ,

    So sorry for the late reply, thanks for you response!

    Well remember our properties have many many chalets. We ask for full payment before check in, and have a non-refund policy if they cancel at any time. So after they've booked (well after 4 hours grace peroid) the booking is confirmed. Then I just need to collect the money. 

    I think there's probably a higher risk of false booking if you allow people to book without the card. Especially considering our reservations team isn't at the property and we are the ones who needs to the payment. 

    Does that make sense?

    Err what is a EDC :")

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