Electricity charge, how to post it

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! -Rentals and welcome to the forum.

    In your Extranet tab under Property you will find Policies there you can scroll down and find Additional Fees and Charges. There you can add different kind of fees.

    Hope I have been of help.


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    Dear M Adamopoulou

    thanks for the comment.

    That is the part I saw, but that would mean that I would ALWAYS charge the client.

    that is not what I want, I only want to charge when he exceeds a certain limit.

    so I need some place where I can especify more, what I really want.

    Pe: client  has 25 Kilowatt free when he stays a week, if he needs more, eache KW would cost him x Euros.

    this kind of option the Policies ( fees and charges) do not offer me.

    Do you know any other way ??

    BR rentals

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    M Adamopoulou

    Ok I understood what you are looking for. I thought that maybe you could add something in policies. How about in the fine print. Maybe there you can add it.
    Hope you find a solution.

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    Mario I.

    Hi Rentals!

    We charge our clients extra for the entire electricity consumption during their stay.

    Unfortunately you cannot add this as an extra charge in your Policy (since it will always fluctuate according to each guest's consumption), otherwise in the Policy it will become a set charge, similar to a cleaning fee etc which is a set fee for every booking.

    The way we do it, is by mentioning it in the 'Fine Print' section. Simply explain what their daily/weekly allowance is and what they will be charged if they exceed this and that a meter reading will be taken on check-in and then on check-out. If there is an extra charge, it will be paid in cash upon check-out.

    Keep in mind that you will need to contact support in order for them to add this to your Fine Print. 

    Hope that helps!



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    many thanks boths of you, 

    will do so

    BR rentals

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    M Adamopoulou

    Massive pleasure Rentals.

    Have a nice evening...

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