How to delete a duplicate listing?


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there!

    Oh boy, yes that one is listed twice. It's strange because needs to verify the property and within the steps to do so they ought to check if the property is already listed. 

    I suggest closing the first one (that your friend set up) asap as this is how Double Bookings happen. If you don't have the login details for that you will need to get it from the friend or ask her to add you. Go into the listing and Close all the rooms for all of time. According to my knowledge there is no such thing is deactivating an account or deleting a listing. How did you go about deactivating it if I may ask because maybe I missed something?

    My favorite advise though is to Phone and speak to one of their lovely consultants who can help you in real time. But be warned, they won't assist you if the property is not in your name or if you can't answer the security questions they will ask you.

    Best of luck! Keep well. 

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    I don't know why have my property listed twice and I can't delete. Does anybody know how to do it?


    Thank you

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